The Spencer Fernando Podcast Episode 11: Liberals Attempt Power Grab Amid Coronavirus Crisis

With the nation living in fear amid the Coronavirus Crisis, the Liberals are attempting a massive power grab. Canadians must speak up against this!

Spencer Fernando

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Thank you. Excellent commentary. Shared.


One would have to be stupid to let our Prime Minister take the credit.He has been going to all those countries giving our money away just so that he can get a seat on the UN.It was all about him.Then he invented that word Racist and so that he could not even close the borders to stop Corona Virus spreading in Canada because it would offend someone.Now he pumping big money into the country to stop Corona Virus spreading.Fooling us again as though he is doing something for us.All that money will have to paid back he will just rise… Read more »

Moe S.

Tantamount to giving your 16-year-old kid with a lifetime history of poor judgment the keys to the Lamborghini after he drained the wine glasses clearing the dinner table.

Douglas Robilliard

I fear this take over of power to the corrupt losers who got us in this mess in the first place. The last thing we need! work together not a dictators like the pm and bill taking complete control! PURE COMMUNISM!


Spencer, could not access the our comments site . states it does not exist.
Please give site again.