Hajdu Now Says “We Likely Did Not Have Enough” Personal Protective Equipment

The federal government is now scrambling to buy a bunch of gear – much of it made in China – while other countries desperately do the same.

While the federal government spent months saying the risk from the CCP Coronavirus was “low,” while also saying Canada was “prepared,” they have now been forced to admit that’s not the case.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu is now saying the federal government didn’t have enough personal protective equipment in the national stockpile.

“We likely did not have enough. I think federal governments for decades have been underfunding things like public-health preparedness, and I would say that obviously governments all across the world are in the same exact situation. It is an extremely competitive space right now for personal protective equipment. We are pulling out all of the stops … trying to procure equipment in a global situation where equipment is extremely tight.”

Notably, despite Canada’s shortage, the federal government shipped a whopping 16 tonnes of Canada’s personal protective equipment to China.

Even worse, much of the personal protective equipment Canada is seeking to buy is made in China, meaning the Chinese Communist Party is set to profit from the fallout of the virus that spread from China in the first place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It’s almost as if she has no medical knowledge.


It’s not just the Chinese government profiting, it’s the fact that many countries are reporting faulty test kits and unsafe masks etc from China….. And we really have no proof as to whether China is in fact on the downward portion of the curve. If not, not only is there the potential for faulty equipment, there is also a major potential for CONTAMINATED equipment. Dangerous waters here and depending on the Chinese government to be open and transparent is not something most Canadians would feel comfortable with despite Trudeau’s assurance that he will make sure they are safe. This is… Read more »


In good hand NOT and never will this Government has failed to show up since 2015. They have been paid for what Canada’s demise!

Brian Dougan

Beyond disgusting. Reprehensible. And; the usual m.o.–blame previous administrations. Well done Trudeau.