REPORT: Canada Has NO Factories Making N95 Masks

The corrupt political class has ensured that we are weak, desperate, and reliant on foreign countries at the hour of greatest need.

For decades, we’ve been told that more foreign trade and more ‘efficient’ supply chains (AKA destroying Canadian manufacturing capacity and outsourcing it to cheap labour nations) would be ‘better.’

Of course, the evidence has long been piling up that it was a huge error, and has been a betrayal of working class Canadians.

And now, the Coronavirus pandemic reveals how it’s a threat to the health of the Canadian People, at our most desperate hour.

It’s so bad that even CBC is forced to report on the dire situation, noting that Canada has NO factories capable of making N95 masks needed by our medical professionals:

“The government said Tuesday that it has inked deals with three Canadian companies — Thornhill Medical, Medicom and Spartan Bioscience — to make ventilators, surgical masks, test kits and other items, but the more than 60 million N95 masks it has ordered are all coming from foreign suppliers.”

At this time, Canada has zero domestic suppliers making the masks, and it will take many weeks, if not months to get them up and running.

This is why it was such a huge mistake, and a betrayal to wipe out our domestic manufacturing and allow those jobs to be shipped off to China and other foreign nations.

Canada must take action, both in the immediate term, and the long-term, to bring our supply chains back into our country, make essential items here, and drastically reduce our dependence on unreliable foreign countries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube