WATCH: Rosemary Barton Cuts Away Just As Pierre Poilievre Asks Trudeau About Early Virus Warning

Could CBC get more obvious at this point?

We’ve all seen the obvious pro-Liberal bias at the CBC.

But sometimes, it’s so obvious that even the most ardent CBC defender couldn’t deny it.

And the video below is one of those times when the bias is so in-your-face that it seems like a declaration of total arrogance and contempt for Canadians:

Just as Pierre Poilievre was about to ask Justin Trudeau about confirmed reports that Canadian Military Intelligence warned the Trudeau government about the Coronavirus danger in early January, Barton cut away before Poilievre could even finish the question:

“Watch @CBCNews blatantly cut away as @PierrePoilievre questions @JustinTrudeau on why he ignored coronavirus warnings on China from our military as early as January.”

This is disgusting behaviour from CBC, especially at a time when Canadians have the right to answers from the federal government.

With the Liberals claiming they did “the best they could” in dealing with this crisis, the evidence shows the opposite, as they refused to listen to early warnings, and let thousands of people from China (including virus-epicentre Wuhan) into Canada without any screening or security checks.

And now, with it being confirmed that the military was warning the government in early January, it makes it even more stunning that the government claimed all through January that the ‘risk was low,’ when it was obvious that was not the case.

We are a democratic nation. We have a right to answers, and a right to know how the government failed us. By cutting away from Poilievre’s attempt to get those answers, CBC and Rosemary Barton are hurting the country at a time when we can least afford it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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“We are a democratic nation.”
You spelled WERE wrong…


CBC – ‘OFFICIAL Propaganda Network of Justin Trudeau’. That’s ALL you really need to know and I – personally – am tired of MY tax dollars going to pay THOSE Liberal ass kissing buffoons at the CBC….

R. Perfitt

What do you expect from the “moderator” that gave all the debate questions to the Liberals before the debates. She is not a journalist she is a Liberal PR rep in a publicly funded PR Firm called the CBC.

james isnor

The PMO s office used 600 million of taxpayer dollars to buy off the media. Judging from the obvious lack of any moral character from Rosie B they must come really cheap. I’m guessing he should have some change left over.

Joe blow

1 Alberta Health Service employee could see the danger with the limited data available and was able to get extra supplies for the province, allowing Alberta to help other Canadians. Yet the federal government just sat there protecting others while ignoring the safety of Canadian citizens…I am still not sure how this is not considered murder


If ever a Canadian government needed a kick in the nuts, it’s this one.


Rosemary Barton is just one of the reasons I don’t listen to CBC. She’s terribly biased, rude, unprofessional, and in short, listening to her is just awful. Justin Trudeau needs to be held accountable for his failure to acknowledge the advice so clearly given to him and he now has to face the truth…he’s responsible for the death of many people. How does that feel, Justin? How will you deal with knowing that families have lost loved ones because of your incompetence? Perhaps it’s time for you to throw in the towel. Not fit for the job, never will be.

Tony Wells

The new CBC liberal party


Does this surprise anyone?

It’s sad to see. I suspect that Ms. Barton was conned by Trudeau like the rest of us. Trudeau uses people,power and deceit to further his personal agenda. Rich kid who likes money is all that he’s about. He is the most UN-transparent leader we’ve ever had. A drama teacher who wants to be included among the 1%…at any cost. Ever since their involvement with Aga Khan, once Trudeau was in a place of political power only, right…our little drama teacher came back with dictatorship on his little brain. Canadians need to wake the hell up and see this little… Read more »