WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Answer Question About Standing Up To China, Walks Away After Follow Up

The disturbing weakness towards the CCP continues, and people are noticing.

For the first time, the Trudeau government – under immense pressure – finally thanked Taiwan for their donation of personal protective equipment to Canada.

After many days of refusing to even acknowledge that Taiwan exists, let alone thank them, Trudeau finally mentioned their name and expressed gratitude for the “generous donation.”

Yet, if anyone was hoping that Trudeau’s acknowledgement was a first step towards showing even the smallest bit of backbone in regards to China, those hopes were dashed with this exchange:

“Reporter: “Is your government standing up to China, or is it backing away from China?”

Trudeau: { does not answer question, ignores follow-up, walks away }”

It’s a simple question, and Trudeau could have put the minds of millions of Canadians at ease with even the most polite criticism of the CCP, showing at the very least that he isn’t totally bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist State.

He couldn’t even manage that.

Instead, he ignored the question entirely, rattling off some of the usual BS that completely avoided the issue at hand.

Once again, he showed fear towards China, weakness, and subservience, and that’s why more and more Canadians are starting to feel that Canada is becoming a colony of the CCP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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