Trudeau Government Ripped For Forcing Canada To Partner With Chinese Military On Vaccine

Human trials have been approved, while Canadians are increasingly outraged by the insane move to partner with the CCP military rather than work with our democratic allies.

The Trudeau Liberals are being slammed for what remains one of the most insane and absurd decisions we’ve seen in Canada:

Deciding to partner with the military of Communist China on a Coronavirus vaccine.

That’s right.


The same China that caused the world to get infected in the first place.

The same China that lied to the world.

The same China that co-opted the WHO.

The same China that hoarded all the personal protective equipment and then sold it back for profit – while selling a bunch of unusable trash.

That’s who the Trudeau Liberals have decided to partner with.

And Canadians are pissed off.

While the establishment media is predictably downplaying it, Canadians on social media are expressing their outrage over this insanity.

Among the voices expressing outrage are respected medical professionals:

“Today @GovCanHealth shockingly approved 1st Cdn human clinical trial for potential #SARSCoV2 vaccine at Halifax’s Cdn Centre for Vaccinology in partnership w/communist China’s military. #CdnMedia left out that last critical CCP detail from all of its #COVID19Canada coverage today”

“I’m pro-vaccine. I’ve devoted yrs of my life to research for HIV1 vaccine. Illogical— ONLY nation to sign agreement w/military: rapid safety trials of#SARSCoV2 vaccine. &our allies repeatedly received defective/deadly med supplies—can’t be trusted”

“To be clear: the 🇨🇦 gov headed by @JustinTrudeau is the only country IN THE WORLD 🌎to partner with the Chinese military to create a COVID-19 vaccine Even my 8 year old knows there is something very VERY wrong with this picture

#corruption #COVID19 #guineapigs #cdnpoli #onpoli”

This is incredibly dangerous.

Canadians cannot trust China.

The world cannot trust China.

We must reject this idea of partnering with China on a vaccine.

Canadians must not be guinea pigs for something controlled by the ruthless CCP military.

The fact that we even have to discuss this is an absurdity. It should have been rejected from the outset.

If this is not blocked and stopped, Canadians will have even more evidence that our nation has been totally subverted by the CCP.

Spencer Fernando


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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IMO this is nothing but a treasonous move by Trudeau. Over 80% of Canadians want all ties to China cut but this SOB of a PM ignores everything us Canadians demand. They are going to kill Canadians with this vaccine or put chips in the vaccine to track everyone. STOP this partnering with a communist state that has shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted. Now they are inciting a coup in Hong Kong. The CCP are nothing but a group of PREDATORS and all ties with them should be CUT OFF NOW!!! Trudeau and his Cult… Read more »


Whenever I think that they cannot possibly get any lower…


Canadians cannot trust China. The world cannot trust China. The world cannot trust Canada. The world cannot trust Trudeau. Canadians cannot trust Trudeau. Canadians cannot trust Liberals. How many of these incredibly stupid volunteers are going to needlessly die from this experiment? Stop this travesty immediately. What the hell is the matter with Trudeau? He is obviously collapsing mentally and is not capable of making decisions, never mind big ones like this. Where is the GG to take him out of politics? This insanity has to stop. When Maritimers start dying off like flies from this experiment. DO NOT expect… Read more »


John Bolton tries to blme Trump but admits that Trudeau/Canada is a political pawn – of China.