Erin O’Toole Launches Attack Ads Against Peter MacKay

Conservative leadership race turns to a more aggressive phase.

With the deadline for memberships have been reached, the Conservative leadership race now enters the persuasion phase.

And the Erin O’Toole campaign is off to a quick start, unleashing attack ads against Peter MacKay.

With O’Toole and MacKay locked in a close battle for first, it is expected that the campaign will get more and more aggressive.

In the ads – which have been released online – the O’Toole campaign casts MacKay as unable to beat the Liberals, saying the election ‘is already lost’ if MacKay were to lead the party.

You can watch the ads below:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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I know that Peter McKay is definitely NOT the right candidate to win the Conservative Leadership. But I also know that neither is Erin O’Toole, especially when he used dirty to disqualify Jim Karahalios from running, and tried to disqualify Derek Sloan, for speaking to Fire Theresa Tam. This is what most Canadians want!
Conservative Politics have become VERY DIRTY with both these Candidates! NO to McKay and NO to O’Toole!

Steve Richards

100 percent agree. Neither of these dudes is who we want. Unfortunately none of the other candidates are either. The party has become Libranos light and doesn’t represent the views of the majority of Canadians who voted the Conservatives to a majority Canada wide last election. Unfortunately Ontario and Quebec decide who rules. So I say again, time to leave.

Ray Decorby

Let’s hope they will be able to bury the hatchet and work side by side after the election.

Scott Chinsota

The left vs. the left vs. the left. Why does anyone support this party any more?

Orlin Olsen

I will watch this race from the sidelines. Can either one win big in western Canada?