WHAT? After Pushing “Stay Home, Save Lives,” Theresa Tam Now Says Protests Are Just Fine

What an interesting change…

Theresa Tam has faced immense criticism from Canadians, for – along with Patty Hajdu – giving ‘advice’ that repeatedly gets reversed.

For a long-time, Tam was pushing the “stay home, save lives,” a message that was backed up by the federal government threatening fines and punishment for regular Canadians who ‘violated’ these new laws.

Yet now, there’s another reversal.

Apparently, these new riots and protests in Canada – where there has already been looting by radical elements – are just fine.

“Dr Tam: Go to protests, but don’t yell. Yelling can increase the risk of spreading the virus.”

Of course, the ‘gatherings’ aren’t ‘social distancing,’ and are clearly far more dangerous in terms of renewed CCP Virus spread than regular Canadians just walking outside with their families.

Yet, while regular Canadians were punished and threatened, the radicals are being coddled:

““YOU have to stay inside. YOU have to lose your business. YOU have to follow all the rules.”

But the politicians and extremist radicals can do whatever they want at will, without punishment, without accountability, and without consequence.

Totally Corrupted system!”


“The Canadian government is simultaneously showing they only threaten and enforce the law against already law-abiding people, while demonizing and targeting lawful Canadian gun owners. Who thinks that will end well? A much more dangerous country will result.”


With the hypocrisy from the corrupt politicians increasing, with repeated reversals, and with chaos being allowed and even encouraged, how can anyone be expected to have any faith in anyone ‘in charge’?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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