GOOD MOVE: Bell Picks Ericsson Over Huawei For 5G Network

The move is a smart step towards ensuring that a Chinese Communist-controlled company doesn’t gain influence in Canada.

With the Trudeau government still inexplicably refusing to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G networks, it appears some private companies are making the decision themselves.

Bell Canada has announced that Ericsson, a Swedish company, will be their vendor for upcoming 5G wireless networks.

In a statement, Bell’s CEO said “Bell’s 5G strategy supports our goal to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world, and Ericsson’s innovative 5G network products and experience on the global stage will be key to our rollout of this game-changing mobile technology.”

Bell chose Ericsson, which is headquartered in a democratic country, over Huawei, a company headquartered in the ruthless Chinese Communist State.

Additionally, Bell says they will work with Nokia, a Finnish company.

Currently, Rogers also uses Ericsson, while Telus – which had previously talked about picking Huawei – is now apparently undecided.

While the ongoing refusal to ban Huawei by the Trudeau Liberals is a disgrace, the ongoing uncertainty, and the massive turn of Canadian public opinion against China makes it clear that any Patriotic & loyal Canadian company must do the right thing and refuse to work with Huawei.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube