‘Noose’ In Bubba Wallace’s Garage Turns Out To Be Door Pull

The door pull had been in place for over a year, meaning this was yet another hoax.

With the establishment media and cultural ‘elites’ already devoid of credibility, yet another hoax has revealed how those in power cannot be trusted whatsoever.

A ‘huge’ story had emerged, claiming that Nascar driver Bubba Wallace – who drove a ‘Black Lives Matter’ car over the weekend – had been the target of a hate crime.

It was alleged that a ‘noose’ had been placed in his garage.

If true, it would have been horrible.

However, rather than actually wait for the facts (for example, no picture of the ‘noose’ was ever released), the media jumped on the story, assuming it was true.

That’s despite the previous hate crime hoaxes we’ve seen, including when Jussie Smollet claimed he was doused with bleach and had a noose put around his neck (turns out he paid people to do it to him), and here in Canada, when Justin Trudeau jumped all over a story of a young girl having her Hijab cut, before the story turned out to be fake.

Just this morning, Wallace was on The View, slamming anyone who ‘doubted’ the story:

Yet, after an investigation, it turns out this was yet another hoax:

NASCAR has since issued a statement:

Richard Petty Motorsports has said Wallace was not part of any hoax:

Whatever the situation, it is clear that the establishment media and radical left woke inquisition have created an environment in which everyone is being accused of racism, and looking for racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist.

In that kind of environment, hoaxes and lies proliferate, with the establishment media more interested in pushing racial division rather than bringing people together.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube