REPORT: China Engaged In Mass Sterilization Cultural Genocide Campaign Against Uighurs

This is actual cultural genocide.

China’s ruthless Communist regime is engaged in a campaign of mass sterilization.

That’s according to a report by Adrian Zenz of the Jamestown Foundation, which indicates the mass sterilization campaign is aimed at reducing the Uighur population, what amounts to a clear campaign of cultural genocide.

Here’s an excerpt of the report:

“In this special Jamestown Foundation report, Dr. Zenz presents detailed analysis of another troubling aspect of state policy in Xinjiang: measures to forcibly suppress birthrates among ethnic Uyghur communities, to include the mass application of mandatory birth control and sterilizations.

This policy, directed by the authorities of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is intended to reduce the Uyghur population in Xinjiang relative to the numbers of ethnic Han Chinese—and thereby to promote more rapid Uyghur assimilation into the “Chinese Nation-Race” (中华民族, Zhonghua Minzu), a priority goal of national-level ethnic policy under CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping.”

This is an actual cultural genocide, being directed by a nation that many of our disgustingly corrupt elites want us to surrender to.

The fact is that China is led by a brutal ruthless regime committing horrible crimes, endangering the world, kidnapping our citizens, and making the world a far more dangerous place. We must decouple and distancing ourselves from them to the greatest extent possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube