Reports: Armed Man Arrested At Rideau Hall Is An Canadian Rangers Member

UPDATE: Authorities have identified the man arrested at Rideau Hall as Corey Hurren.

The armed individual arrested after breaching Rideau Hall security is an active duty member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

According to reports, the man drove from Manitoba, with a long-gun and a note in his possession. He is a member of the Canadian Rangers.

He drove his truck through the front gates.

Authorities originally claimed that the man was arrested without incident. However, later reports indicate that he made his way up the driveway and into the greenhouse connected to the Governor General’s residence. He was apprehended there, about two hours after he breached the gate.


The man has been identified as Corey Hurren, who meat business called GrindHouse Fine Foods. Hurren is a Royal Canadian Artillery Veteran, who had since gone back into the military, this time joining the Rangers.

A photo of Hurren can be viewed below:

According to a Facebook post allegedly from Hurren, he expressed concern over the damage being done to the economy by the Coronavirus pandemic, saying “I’m not sure what will be left of our economy, industries and businesses when this all ends.”

There are also reports Hurren had expressed concern over his own business situation.

The Rideau Hall complex is the residence of both the PM and the Governor General, due to the extensive renovations underway at the PM’s official residence.

There appear to have been no injuries.

Here’s the information shared by the RCMP:

“(1/2) At approximately 6:40 this morning, an armed man was able to access the grounds of 1 Sussex Drive. The Prime Minister and the Governor General were not present at the moment of the incident.”

“(2/2)The man was arrested shortly after without any incident. He is currently in custody and is being interviewed. We are not releasing his identity at this time as charges are pending.”

Clearly, security needs to be strengthened:

“Canada must increase security funding for our top officials. Regardless of whether we like them or not, security is clearly way too lax and must be toughened up.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kevin Croxall

Headline is wrong, Canadian Rangers are not “Active Canadian Forces”, they are augmentees same as the primary reserves when activated for operations or training. So he is a civilian committing a criminal offence.


Just a matter of time. Canadians apparently don’t like having a Criminal as a PM!


The bulk of the Canadian Rangers are First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people with some Caucasians, with the mix depending upon the geographic location in which their Patrols (approximately thirty members) reside. They provide a number of extremely useful services in isolated and semi-isolated regions, including surveillance, guiding, search and rescue, support to conventional forces operating in their area, and community support. They are not trained for combat roles. They are not “active duty member(s) of the Canadian Armed Forces” except for specific and limited periods. Their higher headquarters (Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups) are manned by Reserve Force personnel on… Read more »


Thank you for explaining this so well.

Eric Blair

As an aside, the PM official residence, 24 Sussex Drive, is still not done with its extensive renovations. Wasn’t these renovations started just after Trudeau’s first term… that’s four years ago. Geez how long does it take to build extensive escape tunnels from 24 Sussex?