Surprise, Surprise: Liberals Appointed Biased, Pro-Trudeau, Anti-Conservative ‘Advisors’ For Huge Establishment Media Bailout Fund: Blacklock’s

It’s almost as if the Liberals are trying to manipulate the media with government funding. But no, that couldn’t be the case…

From the beginning, you and I knew that the Liberals $600 million taxpayer funded bailout for the establishment media was all about completely co-opting the press and turning it into the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

That’s exactly what happened, as the already biased establishment press has turned into a total propaganda arm for the Trudeau Liberals, leaving independent media and individual Canadians as the last bastions of common-sense and truth in this nation.

And now, the evidence on the corruption of the media is even more clear.

As reported by Blacklock’s, ‘neutral’ cabinet advisors – who were supposedly going to give the federal cabinet advice on where to give the bailout funds through applications – have made pro-Trudeau, and anti-Conservative statements.

“Two cabinet advisors hired to vet press applications for millions in federal subsidies made anti-Opposition remarks and publicly ridiculed editorial standards at a newspaper that endorsed Conservatives in past elections. One appointee, Professor Karim Karim of Ottawa, in a Twitter comment said Stephen Harper played the politics of hate: “No, I do not see a problem.””

Another said, “we need Justin Trudeau.”

To get a sense of how bad this is, consider that not only is the government corrupting the media with the money in the first place, by making the media dependent on Trudeau’s approval, but even the process for giving out that money is itself biased.

This further confirms what you’ve already known for some time: While there may be a few reporters left at establishment outlets who have some backbone, the establishment media itself has been totally co-opted by the Trudeau Liberals, and the media is no longer the ‘free press,’ they’re the ‘government press,’ a total subversion of democracy.

Spencer Fernando

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With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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pancake rachel corrie

why is any self respecting human who also happens to be a canadian citizen paying taxes to this government?


Pro Trudeau press has been happening for far too long. Canadians are subjected to biased media on a daily basis. Thank goodness for independent news sources who tell the truth. They may be our saving grace.

marion Leyland

How will we ever get our democracy back? Parliament is shut down, the media is corrupt by taking bribes from the liberals to be anti-Conservative (the Loyal Opposition), Trudeau goes from scandal to scandal with only a tap on the wrist. Can we trust Elections Canada?? What does a concerned citizen do? .


Why aren’t the Conservatives taking this to court? Why are we not stopping this somehow, people need truth not fake news and lieberal propaganda advertisements.

So again the next election is fixed we have been taken over, if they even bother having another election.

Eileen McRae

This means that the only version of the “truth” that Canadians see and hear is the “liberal” version! All other voices are silenced with many of them considered “hate” speech! The part that irks me is that if you try to tell people within your orbit that this is what is taking place, many of them shrug it off and cannot wrap their minds around the fact that they have become naught but sheep obediently and blindly following their “master” off the edge of a cliff. Without a diversity of opinion or thought and without a challenge to the “liberal”… Read more »


Why does the parliament not investigate Trudeau?


Canadian media has received government funding all along. I recall reading the masthead of Canadian Business magazine in the 1990s/2000s and noticing that they thanked the government for funding.
I looked into it, and found that any publisher with more than five employees (I think) and some level of revenues (half-million, I think) would get free money from the government — magazines, books, etc.
At the time, it was promoted as protecting our cultural heritage.
To make a fuss of this $600 million is to hide the ongoing subsidies.


Never will I forget when PMSH spoke to the media, when he told them that he *READS* their articles, newspapers and instead of feeling grateful their articles were read, they should no appreciation.
Justin trudeau as new lib leader, was waiting on by all media r’ptrs and instead of approaching the media, he walked out of the backdoor leaving r’ptrs hanging around. He flat out said “I do not read the newspapers or listen to the news, if something is important they will let me know”. Guess what, the media adored him. Go figure.


If only we can those tapes of PMSH’s first time addressing the media and Justin Trudeau running away from the media, will help.