Surprise, Surprise: Liberals Appointed Biased, Pro-Trudeau, Anti-Conservative ‘Advisors’ For Huge Establishment Media Bailout Fund: Blacklock’s

It’s almost as if the Liberals are trying to manipulate the media with government funding. But no, that couldn’t be the case…

From the beginning, you and I knew that the Liberals $600 million taxpayer funded bailout for the establishment media was all about completely co-opting the press and turning it into the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

That’s exactly what happened, as the already biased establishment press has turned into a total propaganda arm for the Trudeau Liberals, leaving independent media and individual Canadians as the last bastions of common-sense and truth in this nation.

And now, the evidence on the corruption of the media is even more clear.

As reported by Blacklock’s, ‘neutral’ cabinet advisors – who were supposedly going to give the federal cabinet advice on where to give the bailout funds through applications – have made pro-Trudeau, and anti-Conservative statements.

“Two cabinet advisors hired to vet press applications for millions in federal subsidies made anti-Opposition remarks and publicly ridiculed editorial standards at a newspaper that endorsed Conservatives in past elections. One appointee, Professor Karim Karim of Ottawa, in a Twitter comment said Stephen Harper played the politics of hate: “No, I do not see a problem.””

Another said, “we need Justin Trudeau.”

To get a sense of how bad this is, consider that not only is the government corrupting the media with the money in the first place, by making the media dependent on Trudeau’s approval, but even the process for giving out that money is itself biased.

This further confirms what you’ve already known for some time: While there may be a few reporters left at establishment outlets who have some backbone, the establishment media itself has been totally co-opted by the Trudeau Liberals, and the media is no longer the ‘free press,’ they’re the ‘government press,’ a total subversion of democracy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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