Bill Morneau Joins Apology Tour

Yet he’s still hilariously claiming ‘the public service’ recommended WE.

Bill Morneau has joined Justin Trudeau’s apology tour, as the WE Charity Scandal continues to grow:

“Finance Minister Bill Morneau apologizes for not recusing himself from the decision to award WE a now-cancelled government contract and says in the future he will”

Morneau’s apology comes not long after Justin Trudeau apologized.

However, both apologies are really just a delivery vehicle for the same BS the Liberals have been pushing, the claim that the public service recommended the WE Charity.

That has already been discredited, with public servant representatives expressing outrage that the government tried pushing the program to an outside organization.

Additionally, it is simply unbelievable that given all of Trudeau’s connections to WE – who have paid his family over $300K – it was simply a ‘coincidence’ that WE was recommended.

So, even as they appear to be apologizing, the Liberals are really doubling down on their lies and deceptive tactics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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