WE Charity To Make “Structural Changes,” Cancel WE Day Events

They charity, now engulfed in the Trudeau WE Scandal, will also be undertaking a “formal organizational review.”

As it’s engulfed in scandal, the WE Charity is saying they will be making some changes.

According to the organization, they will be pushing “governance and structural changes.”

They will also be cancelling WE Day events “for the forseeable future,” and having a “formal organizational review.”

We said the WE Day cancellations are due to the Coronavirus, though the timing of the cancellation is quite interesting.

Additionally, the WE Charity was in upheaval before the scandal, with the company having gone through large staff layoffs, and large-scale attrition in both their Canadian and U.S. boards of directors.

This has led some to speculate that Trudeau was in effect attempting to ‘bailout’ the organization with your tax dollars, seeking to keep it going due to it’s close connection to his family (AKA paying his family a lot of money), and use it as a de facto recruitment arm for the Liberal Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube