WATCH: Trudeau Slammed For “Gross & Disgusting” Attempt To Use Pandemic To Justify “Corruption”

It’s never Trudeau’s fault.

Leadership is supposed to be about taking responsibility.

The best leaders credit their team when things go well, and take responsibility themselves when things go badly.

Justin Trudeau does things a bit differently.

When things go well (rarely), he takes the credit.

When things go badly, it’s never his fault.

It’s always a bureaucrat, or a backbench MP, or a Minister who takes the blame.

Sometimes, we all take the blame, being told it’s a “learning experience for all of us.”

So, Trudeau is really the opposite of a leader.

And now, he’s trying again to shift blame for the WE Charity Scandal.

In Question Period – after taking a ‘personal day,’ Trudeau pushed the idea that he’s just trying to help students and deal with the pandemic, even though neither of those things justify trying to give such a gigantic contract to a charity with such close ties to his family.

In response, Andrew Scheer (who has shown more toughness as of late), slammed Trudeau’s “gross & disgusting” attempt to shift the blame and hide behind the pandemic to excuse his “corruption.”

You can watch the clip below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Darlene Jones

This Liberal Government did nothing to support the seniors through out this pandamic and the WE Charity is an orginazation who weasled their way into the Canadian Education System with the sole purpose to brainwashes young adults to become the Liberal voters of the future..

Shawn Harris

Trudeau portrays himself as a teacher to the nation. Yet he has failed constantly to learn the lessons of leadership, honesty, truthfulness, humbleness,admitting to your failures and mistakes and most importantly allowing yourself to be held accountable, no matter how much it costs you.
But, then again this the new way of doing things for the Liberal party, same as the old old Liberal party, corrupt to the core and without a conscience.