POLL: 37% Of Canadians Say Trudeau’s WE Scandal Is “A Possible Criminal Act”

Many others consider it an “unethical decision.”

A large number of Canadians believe Justin Trudeau’s WE Scandal is possibly a criminal act, and want police to investigate.

That’s according to a new Angus Reid poll.

37% of respondents call the scandal “a possible criminal act that should be investigated by police.”

43% call it an “unethical decision, but not a criminal act.”

Meanwhile, just 12% call it a “simple mistake/error in judgement.”

8% say they are “not sure/can’t say.”

These are terrible numbers for Trudeau and the Liberals.

In total 80% see the WE Scandal as either criminal or unethical, while just 12% see it as a mistake or error.

Partisan breakdown

Among Conservatives, 77% see possible criminality, while 17% call it unethical.

Unsurprisingly, few Liberals see criminality, with 6% calling it a “criminal act” while 61% say it was unethical.

Among NDP voters, 65% call it unethical, while 19% call it criminal.

The fact that even 61% of Liberal supporters see the scandal as unethical shows how the scandal is resonating across the country.

And considering how many Canadians see criminality in this scandal, it is clear that it’s not going away anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

With these numbers on how the country feels about Trudeau ,how come Chrystia Freeland is scheming in the background to take him out… you know, the night of the long knives sort of thing. Even though I cannot stand her I still prefer her over him.

Shawn Harris

Remember, that every political leader always has a doppelganger replacement waiting in the wings, just in case somehow, either by push or shove, the leader is no longer worthwhile supporting. In Trudeau’s case, there are probably more than just Chrystia Freeland wanting to stab and replace Trudeau. Let the machinations begin.


I wonder who Angus Reid is polling. Any Canadian with a brain has to know that this is Indeed a Criminal Offence. I guess that too many Canadians have a brain that is not functioning!


The only thing I want to see go away soon is Trudeau. Let’s hope that this will finally be his undoing.


Tax force fed “charity” only, our school boards are paying them with our tax dollars too for their school curriculum and children’s We Concerts. This is not charity just another hidden cost tax.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s involvement with WE has proven that his Covid 19 approval rating was just a fake number, other wise his approval rating would have remained high. Also, what’s with just 37% of Canadians seeing that Trudeau might have committed a crime; it is a crime just like he did with SNC Lavalin and his breaking of the obstruction of justice laws. Trudeau is convinced that our laws, morals, values and ethics don’t and will never apply to him.

Eileen McRae

An investigation is clearly needed to sort out the entire mess. Giving a “charity” control over nearly a billion dollars when you and your family and the Finance Minister all have close ties to the said “charity” does not pass the “smell” test. If it can be shown that any part of that money was “kicked” back to you in any way, that makes it a crime. That is why there is an urgent need for a criminal investigation.

Major Tom

Trudeau is guarded by the RCMP! They see what he does! Asking them to investigate is a waste of the taxpayer’s money!


So I wonder if blackface groper boy can remember how he demanded that Bev Oda be removed from her position over a $16 glass of orange juice? Ppl need to keep reminding him & his cohorts about his double standards & hypocrisy.