Justin Trudeau Exploited The Pandemic Crisis To Try And Benefit His Friends At Our Expense

It’s a disgusting move, trying to use the fear and concern felt by Canadians during this crisis to get away with something that is totally wrong.

One of the reasons Justin Trudeau is starting to see a clear decline in his poll numbers – after getting a ‘crisis bounce,’ is that it’s about more than the scandal itself.

It’s about the attitude the scandal reveals.

In short, we can see that Justin Trudeau tried to exploit the CCP Virus Crisis to try and benefit his friends.

And that benefit – a whole bunch of taxpayer dollars that would have gone to an organization that has paid his family about half a million dollars – was at our expense.

It was OUR money.

We (not WE) worked for it.

To have it taken from us by the government, and then to have Trudeau try to give it to WE is bad enough.

But for it to happen during a crisis, where many Canadians were (rightfully) distracted from politics and focused on health and concern for our families, makes it far worse.

Rather than serving the country, rather than doing the right thing, Justin Trudeau tried to exploit the fear of Canadians.

It’s incredibly selfish, and incredibly disrespectful to the Canadian People.

At the most critical moment, Justin Trudeau saw only how he could use this crisis to benefit himself and his friends.

This selfishness and exploitation of a crisis is why more and more people are turning against Trudeau and the Liberals amid this ongoing scandal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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