China Is Trying To Control What Canadians Citizens Are Allowed To Say

China’s consul-general in Vancouver is part of broader Chinese effort to extend China’s brutal authoritarian state into our country.

The Chinese Communist Party is increasingly trying to control what Canadians are allowed to say within our own country.

China has already passed a law that makes advocacy for democracy in Hong Kong a crime, no matter where that advocacy takes place.

For example, if you have written, Tweeted, posted, or otherwise made any statement if favour of democracy in Hong Kong or critical of the Chinese Communist Party, you are a criminal in the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, and could be jailed if you ever travelled to China.

Yet, even that’s not enough control for China.

Now, they are wading into the opinions expressed by Canadian Citizens within this country:

Tong Xiaoling is China’s consul-general in Vancouver. As first reported by the Globe & Mail, in a recent interview 1320 AM in Vancouver (considered the “voice of Vancouver’s Chinese Community”), she said this:

“very few people, in both Hong Kong and local [Canada], have been maliciously denigrating and sabotaging Hong Kong’s national security legislation,” and she accused them of colluding with “anti-China forces” and trying to cause “trouble” overseas.

“Some people were trying to intimidate people who truly care about Hong Kong, stop them from voicing [their opinions] and launch personal attacks on them. [They] also try to create divisions in the ethnically Chinese community and sabotage China-Canada relations.”

Additionally, “Ms. Tong proceeded to list various members of the Chinese community in Vancouver: those from Hong Kong, from Macau, from mainland China and the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Canadian activists for democracy in Hong Kong say that’s an unusual thing for a foreign government official to be concerned about. It’s not the Chinese government’s business to be actively concerned with the opinion of Canadians of Chinese origin, they say.”

As Cherie Wong of the pro-democracy Alliance Canada Hong Kong group said, China seems to feel they have control over what Canadians of Chinese origin are allowed to say and think:

“Why would a foreign diplomat care about what the Chinese Canadian community thinks? It’s because the Chinese Communist Party feels a level of ownership over ethnically Chinese individuals. The accusation that we are dividing Chinese people is in fact reinforcing the idea that we are a monolith, which is very much incorrect. It’s part of the same propaganda, erasing the differences in political opinions.”

Cherie Wong makes a great point. The Chinese Communist Party is well known for believing that they control all Chinese People around the world, even when Chinese People aren’t living in China.

Thus, the CCP feels justified in exerting control over Canadian politics and telling people in Canada what they are and aren’t allowed to think.

This coincides with China’s increasing arrogance and belligerence, as they pick fights with nearly every country in the world as public opinion turns against them due to the CCP Virus and now the emerging genocide in the Xinjiang region.

For this reason, and many others, Canada must reduce our reliance on China, decouple our economies, become more self-sufficient, deepen our ties to our democratic allies, defend the free speech rights of all our Citizens, and expel any CCP officials who try to control the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

We all know that Trudeau won’t be the one to raise a single issue with China. He will fall down on his knees praising China before he would find the courage and a spine to call out China for the evil it really is. And the two michaels that have been held illegally for almost three years now are a perfect and lasting example of the weakness Trudeau shows to both Canada, Canadians and China. It will take a change in leadership, one with courage and conviction of upholding the rule of law forcefully before China will actually back down… Read more »

Brian Pudsey

Canada will remain the True North, Strong and Free by working in partnership with all other freedom-loving people to resist a bully getting too big for its breeches. Let the Chinese dictatorship bribe others elsewhere; they no longer have real friends in Canada, nor anywhere else, in reality. As for the average Chinese citizen, you have a friend in the “west”. And Chinese Canadians are our family-leave them in peace.


The Trudeau government has botched this file from the beginning. China took hostages. The Liberals were WEAK in not condemning the CCP on the world stage. It will become the Conservative’s problem when they assume power. The Liberals always leave a filthy mess for the next government to clean up. Unfortunately the two Michaels are the lost pawns in Trudeau’s clumsy, incompetent handling of the file.