Day After Testimony, Trudeau Announces Plan To End CERB In Effort To Divert Attention

Announcing something big the day after getting negative attention is a time-worn PR tactic.

A day after he repeatedly dodged questions and avoided direct answers at WE Scandal testimony in the House Finance Committee, Justin Trudeau announced a plan to end the CERB.

The CERB program will end September 26th. It will transition into a “parallel benefit” similar to EI.

Trudeau said “It will include access to training, and being able to work more hours and earn more money while receiving the benefit. We intend to cover every Canadian who is looking for work with a better, 21st-century EI system.”

Trudeau also says more details will be released soon.

So, why announce this today?

After all, Fridays are usually when you announce something you don’t want to get any attention.

However, in this case, the Liberals are clearly trying to make a bigger story to draw attention away from testimony yesterday.

By announcing this today, the Liberals will create headlines that will compete for mind-space with stories and videos of his testimony yesterday.

It’s a time-worn public relations tactic, and it shows the Liberals know yesterday was a bad day for Trudeau and are seeking to distract from it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube