After China Deal Debacle, Federal Government Working To Get CCP Virus Vaccines From Moderna & Pfizer

The Liberals put their initial effort into a dangerous partnership with a Chinese company controlled by China’s military. Unsurprisingly, that was a disaster.

Over two months ago, I ripped the Trudeau Liberals for partnering with Communist China on a vaccine for the CCP Virus.

The Liberals had approved a ‘partnership’ between CanSino (a company controlled by the Chinese military), and the research arm of the Canadian government.

I slammed the deal, as did many other Canadians, noting how incredibly stupid and dangerous it is to partner with China considering how China has kidnapped our Citizens, threatened our country and our allies, and let the virus spread in the first place.

Predictably, the deal has been a disaster.

Zero progress has been made, since China won’t even send necessary materials to Canada.

In short, we got played.

China likely made use of any research materials they got from us, and sent nothing in return.

And now, the Liberal government is trying to hedge their bets, making the decision they should have made from the start:

Partnering with allied nations.

The Liberals have signed an agreement with two US pharmaceutical companies, Moderna & Pfizer, in order to get millions of CCP Virus Vaccine doses for Canadians.

Moderna & Pfizer are both in Phase III trials, with promising results so far.

Phase III means wider scale testing, with tens of thousands of people given the vaccine and monitored both for results creating antibodies against the China CCP virus and for possible side effects.

The government has not given specific details on the contract, as they say other negotiations to secure a vaccine are underway.

This is a step in the right direction, as few Canadians would have been comfortable taking a China-made vaccine.

That said, the fact the government even considered partnering with China after all that has happened is appalling and disturbing, and it shows a continuing lack of judgement in the federal government that they only started figuring it out months later.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I don’t trust our government at all in respect to Vaccines. They say their going to use an American vaccine but do I trust they will? Nope!!

Eileen McRae

Canada should be partnering with the UK in vaccine research. Moderna uses RNA in its approach to creating a vaccine. Pros/cons? This approach is one advocated by BIll Gates.

Shawn Harris

The best way to sum up Trudeau’s thinking about solving any problem, especially the CCP virus problem, is Trudeau, seeking to put out a fire by asking an arsonist for help. The Liberals rely solely upon virtue signalling and spin doctoring , instead or common sense and by putting the public’s best interest first.