Husband Of Top Trudeau Aide Participated In Government Rent-Relief Meeting

A while after the meeting, the government extended the contract.

The Liberals are facing yet another scandal, amid reports revealing a large rent-relief program contract went to a company that employs Robert Silver, husband of Trudeau’s top aid Katie Telford.

The contract went to MCAP, where Silver is the senior VP of strategy, policy and risk.

While the PMO is saying that Telford set up an ‘ethical screen’ to ensure she didn’t participate in decisions that would involve MCAP, new questions are being raised.

According to the Globe & Mail, Silver participated in a meeting on the program, which was valued at $56 million.

After the meeting, in July, the program was extended.

That extension brought the full value of the program to $84 million.

As spokesperson said “Robert Silver was not involved in contract negotiations and has not been involved with the delivery of services related to CECRA.”

At this point, there are no allegations of wrongdoing or violations of the law.

However, this is all happening in the wake of the Trudeau-WE Scandal, which involved the government giving (or trying to give) a big contract to an organization tied to Trudeau’s family.

For Canadians to now hear that a big contract went to a company with ties to the family of Trudeau’s top aide, will feed into the growing perception that the Trudeau is focused above all on benefiting his own narrow inner-circle, rather than benefiting Canadians.

And as this perception deepens, more and more people will be wondering how Trudeau can possibly justify remaining in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube