China Is Dismembering The Remnants Of Hong Kong’s Democracy

Arrests of pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai and pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow shows how swiftly the brutal CCP will wipe away freedom.

The remnants of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong are being dismembered as you read these words.

Under the new ‘national security law,’ which eliminates free expression, eliminates free speech, and puts all Hong Kong residents under the oppressive boot of the Chinese Communist Party, there have been multiple high-profile arrests of pro-democracy campaigners in just the last 24 hours.

First, Jimmy Lai – a pro-democracy tycoon who owns Apple Daily, which regularly supported democracy – was arrested for “colluding” with foreign forces.

Then, Agnes Chow, a pro-democracy activist – was arrested for ‘suspicion of violating’ the national security law.

Clearly, a crackdown on any remaining pro-democracy activists and influential people is underway, ostensibly ‘justified’ by the ‘national security law.’

This is exactly what had been warned about, and what everyone feared.

“I have feared that one day the Chinese Communist Party would grow tired not only of Hong Kong’s free press but also of its free people. That day has come.”

China has blatantly violated the ‘one country, two systems’ agreement that was supposed to be in place for many more decades, and is opposing their totalitarian regime on the formerly free city of Hong Kong with stunning speed.

Already, many activists in Hong Kong are seeking to flee, others have scrubbed their social media profiles, and a veil of fear has descended upon Hong Kong, as China snuffs out the last embers of liberty.

As we watch this, we must give credit to the immense bravery shown by Hong Kong’s democracy activists, who put everything at risk for freedom even in the face of a brutal authoritarian state intent on crushing them.

At this point, anyone who watches what is happening and still doesn’t think we must distance ourselves from China can only be seen as a stooge for the CCP regime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter