If Trudeau Wants A ‘Bold Change’ To ‘Remake’ Canada, He Should Resign

Trudeau and the Liberals can’t even get the basics right. Why the hell should we trust them with the power to massively reshape the country.

A key trait of the Trudeau Liberals and all the leftist elites is their lack of real understanding or respect for the Canadian People.

They don’t see us as individuals, families, people living our lives.

They see us as simply pieces to be moved around in their ‘grand experiment’ to create a utopia.

We are mere bit players in their amazing journey towards reshaping the world.

Of course, we don’t elect governments to ‘create utopia’ or ‘reshape’ the country.

We elect governments to defend our freedoms, keep our country safe, and administer programs effectively.

But that’s just too ‘boring’ for people like Trudeau.

After all, Canada is just a stepping stone for him towards whatever UN job or internationally famous position he gets afterwards.

So, it’s unfortunately not a surprise to see – as the Toronto Star reported – that “Justin Trudeau doesn’t want an election. He wants to seize the moment and push through bold change.”

The original article URL put it even more clearly, saying Trudeau “wants to remake Canada.”

The arrogance is astounding.

Trudeau lost the popular vote in 2019.

He is broadly unpopular across the country.

His party was rejected by the vast majority of Canadians.

He was stripped of his majority after just one term in office.

His party is mired in scandal after scandal.

Chrystia Freeland seems to be doing all the actual work.

Canada is in the midst of a health crisis & economic crisis, something that took place after the Liberals repeatedly downplayed the threat of the CCP Virus for months and months.

And yet, Trudeau sees this as his chance to ‘remake Canada,’ something nobody is even asking for.

Trudeau should resign

Canada is a nation with an almost absurdly large amount of natural resources, endless land, and a hard-working population. We should be far richer than we are.

Yet, even before the Crisis, Canada’s economy was stagnant, with taxes and Liberal regulations holding our economy back and dividing the nation.

On issue after issue, the Liberals have failed to get even the most basic things right.

To trust them with ‘reshaping’ Canada would be insanity.

The truth is, if Trudeau really wants to make a ‘bold change’ to improve Canada, there’s one simple thing he can do:


Spencer Fernando

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