The Government Is Dangerously Infringing On The Rights & Responsibilities Of Parents

It is truly disturbing how far we have gone towards total government authority trying to supplant the role of parents.

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question:

If the government can easily take children away from their parents, who is really in control?

Certainly not the parents.

And this gets to a very big problem.

Government – in ways both large and small – is increasingly taking over the rights and responsibilities of parents.

The school system continues to expand to more and more things that parents use to be in control of, with many – of course not all – people in the system seemingly more interested in trying to shape the political views of young people towards an extremely left-wing perspective, rather than simply provide them with the knowledge needed to grow and succeed in the world.

This is seen most obviously at universities, but it goes much further.

Increasingly, governments have sought to give themselves the power to take children away from their parents over divisive political issues, if parents teach the ‘wrong’ thing to their children.

This is very dangerous.

While the government has historically been able to take children from parents in instances of abuse, we can see that many politicians continue to expand that power, in effect saying that families should be ripped apart if parents don’t conform to the current ‘woke’ consensus on issues.

Keep in mind, this is about defending the freedom of parents and families to make their own choices, not deciding what those choices should be.

Protecting the rights of parents means protecting the rights of very conservative parents, very left-wing parents, and everybody in between.

We cannot truly call ourselves a free society if parents are living under the threat of having their family broken apart based on the political whims of politicians and some educators with an agenda.

A key way to start mitigating this is to make it far easier for parents to afford homeschooling or alternatives to the current school system. This is something the Conservative Party was working on, until they backed down under pressure.

The rise of more and more advanced communication technology, and the immense amount of free information now available, opens up opportunities for homeschooling and alternatives to the system like never seen before.

Instead of backing down again, the Conservatives, and all common-sense Canadians should embrace policies that get the government back to focusing on the basics, while protecting the rights, freedoms, and educational choices of parents and families from overwhelming government power.

Spencer Fernando


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