REPORT: WE Still Hasn’t Returned All Taxpayer Dollars From Cancelled Contract

How can this not have happened already?

It is now abundantly clear that WE won’t be administering the massive contract the Trudeau Liberals tried giving them.

The whole thing turned into a massive debacle and scandal for the Liberals, with both Trudeau and the Liberal party taking a huge hit to their image and standing in the polls.

And the scandal is ongoing, with Opposition MPs still demanding answers.

Yet, amid all of this, WE still hasn’t given back all the money that the government gave them.

Money that the government took from our tax dollars.

It STILL has not all been paid back, as was confirmed by Bardish Chagger during testimony:

“Minister Chagger confirms that WE has not returned money it got for cancelled program.”

Another report says $22 million of about $30 million has been paid back according to WE.

However, “To this day, the government has not corroborated any part of that statement publicly. A government source speaking on background because they were not authorized to speak on this matter publicly, confirmed the amount sent back by WE, but explained there were complexities.”

This continued secrecy makes no sense.

The contract is cancelled.

The program isn’t happening.

It is known how much money the government gave WE.

WE has said it will be paid back.

So what is the hold up?

Why was a cheque not simply written up immediately?

What is taking so long?

With WE having seemingly taken a big hit to their image, it would be a huge benefit to them to pay the money back immediately, not to mention how this makes the Liberal government look even worse. The fact it hasn’t happened will only generate more doubt and more speculation.

Canadians deserve answers to all of this, and we need to know what’s going on here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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