A WE Bit Of Trouble: WE Charity Making Layoffs, Selling Off Real Estate

Layoffs will take place in Canada and the UK.

The Trudeau WE Charity Scandal is taking a bite out of WE, an organization that already appeared to be struggling.

WE has announced that they will be laying off 16 full-time staff at their Toronto HQ, and will not renew 51 fixed-term contracts.

In the UK, 19 will lose their jobs, with those operations shifting to Canada.

It is also being reported that WE will be looking to sell of some of the buildings they acquired in Toronto.

Originally, WE had planned to build a ‘youth campus,’ but it appears that will not take place.

Before the WE Charity Scandal, WE already appeared to be in some turmoil, with layoffs and removal of many members of various WE boards of directors.

Ironically, while it seems Trudeau wanted to use taxpayer dollars to ‘help’ out WE (who have paid over half a million to Trudeau’s family members), his actions made things even worse, leaving WE without the government contract, and with a worsened reputation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube