By Scapegoating & Demonizing Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners, The Trudeau Liberals Are Inciting More Hate & Division In Canada

The Liberals are purposely trying to divide Canadians, and are risking the safety of law-abiding Citizens by inciting so much anger and misguided rage against their opponents.

The Trudeau Liberals & the Establishment Media are currently engaged in an epic example of the “Big Lie” technique:

They are attempting to blame the anger and division that they themselves incited on others, rather than taking responsibility.

For years, the Liberals have demonized their opponents relentlessly, implied that Conservatives aren’t Canadians, insulted Veterans, Construction Workers, Indigenous People, and many more, all the while enriching their friends and fellow elites.

And nowhere has that demonization been more obvious and more relentless than the disgusting attempt to scapegoat law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

You know exactly what I’m talking about here, because you’ve seen and heard how after every shooting, the Liberals pin the blame on law-abiding gun owners, while ignoring the fact that gang crime and the smuggling of illegal weapons is the actual problem.

The Liberals are risking the lives of law-abiding Canadians, because of how they are trying to manipulate emotions.

People are understandably enraged and saddened after shootings, and demand justice and action. The Liberals take advantage of that.

Rather than direct those feelings towards the true threat – gangs and illegal gun smuggling at the weakly defended border – the Liberals time and time again blame law-abiding gun owners, pushing for the criminalization of Patriotic Canadians who follow the law, while doing absolutely nothing to crack down on gangs and border security breaches.

With Canada becoming more and more polarized and angry, this is very dangerous.

It’s dangerous because the Liberals are clearly trying to single out law-abiding gun owners, who typically don’t vote Liberals, and directing fear, hate, suspicion, and rage towards them.

It’s almost as if the Liberals want to strip law-abiding gun owners of their status as Canadians, and seek to unleash hatred – and the threat of violence – against people who are simply following the law and minding their own business.

The big lie

And here’s where the big lie comes in.

As they’re doing this, the Liberals are trying to portray themselves as the ‘victims’ of rising polarization and anger, with people like Scott Gilmore pinning the blame solely on Conservatives:

“CPC pols will automatically dismiss this with “both sides do it”, “not as bad as media claims”, “just a fact of life”. But, the smart ones know this is all true. Deep inside, a tiny spark of conscience must still burn. Will any of them finally step up and condemn the rhetoric?”

Gilmore went even further, absurdly saying that the Conservatives will be to blame “when someone is inevitably killed.”

Of course, the same report Gilmore cites notes that threats against politicians of ALL PARTIES have gone up, so to say this is only conservatives is factually incorrect.

Further, as you’ve seen in this article, the Liberals are a key part of the rising anger and hatred in the country, as they endanger law-abiding people with their overheated rhetoric and horrible scapegoating.

The Liberals are putting more and more Canadians at risk, while denying their own role in doing so. We must reject that kind of deception and cynicism and ensure the Liberals are held politically accountable for their damage to the country and weakening of our national unity.

Spencer Fernando

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