Liberal Elites Put You & Your Family At Risk While Demanding More Security For Themselves

The same people who virtue-signal about defunding the police and making it impossible to own a gun have the resources to hire private security and live in gated communities.

One of the best concepts is the idea of ‘Skin in the Game.’

Nassim Nicholas Taleb – one of the few people who warned accurately about the 2008 financial crisis – has talked about how one of the big problems we face today is that those in power, corporate elites and political elites, are totally insulated from the impact of their policies.

And this is more true than ever before.

Here in Canada, we are already seeing that crime is surging and violence increasing, particularly in Liberal-run cities.

Yet, at the exact same time, Liberal elites are pushing for ‘woke’ ideas like defunding the police, and taking away your ability to own a gun.

They want you and your family to be at the mercy of the criminals they’re letting out of prison. They want you defenseless.

They want you helpless.

And when you push back, they demonize you and attack you.

Of course, they are insulated from all of this.

While the police are defunded, the elites have the resources to live in security-laden gated communities. They have the money to hire their own security – many of them of course armed with guns.

They refuse to live under the same policies they impose on you.

The fact is, the Liberal elites don’t care about you. They don’t care about us.

For them, all that matters is whether they can look ‘progressive’ or ‘woke,’ regardless of the horrible damage their policies are doing.

Now, we watch as our country becomes more dangerous, more violent, and the risk to you and your family keeps going up.

Those in power have failed, and their failure is dangerous for all of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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