The Liberals Are Moving Canada Towards Full-Blown Socialism

Canadians voted against the radical far-left in 2019. The Liberals are moving in that direction anyway.

Did you vote for socialism in the 2019 election?

Probably not.

And most Canadians didn’t either.

In fact, the NDP lost votes and support in 2019, being stripped of many of their seats.

The Liberals ran on their usual brand of ‘centrism,’ a leftover from when they really were a more moderate party.

Since old habits die hard, the Liberals have managed to retain an image of being ‘in the middle’ with many Canadians associating them with the centre of the political spectrum.

Yet, we are now seeing the Liberals move Canada towards full-blown socialism:

The Liberals are moving from measures that were good and important – providing people money when the economy temporarily collapsed due to CCP Virus – to something that is dangerous, providing a massive disincentive against work.

Ironically, the CCP Virus crisis has showed that a basic income is great as an emergency measure, but dangerous long-term.

When the economy collapsed initially, providing money to people was smart and necessary. It prevented a total collapse in consumption, helped people who were in trouble through no fault of their own, and provided a bridge from the crisis back towards the normal functioning of the economy.

Yet, it also led to what many had warned about regarding a basic income: Many people won’t want to work.

I have previously been a supporter of the idea of a basic income, yet the risks clearly outweigh the gains when it comes to a permanent measure. Businesses have had a lot of trouble getting people to come back to work, because some can earn more, or nearly as much, without working.

If that became permanent, it would be disastrous.

In fact, we would be moving towards full-blown socialism.

Making all of this worse is that the Liberals are simultaneously pushing for a ‘green recovery,’ which means crippling our energy sector, damaging manufacturing, and making the cost of living more expensive.

So, the Liberals are going to simultaneously give out a bunch of money – at the expense of working class and middle class Canadians – to provide a disincentive to work, while making everything more expensive, driving up the cost of energy, destroying good jobs, and making Canada more dependent on foreign products.

That is an absolute disaster, and all Canadians should be afraid of the consequences of this.

Spencer Fernando

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