The Liberals Are Moving Canada Towards Full-Blown Socialism

Canadians voted against the radical far-left in 2019. The Liberals are moving in that direction anyway.

Did you vote for socialism in the 2019 election?

Probably not.

And most Canadians didn’t either.

In fact, the NDP lost votes and support in 2019, being stripped of many of their seats.

The Liberals ran on their usual brand of ‘centrism,’ a leftover from when they really were a more moderate party.

Since old habits die hard, the Liberals have managed to retain an image of being ‘in the middle’ with many Canadians associating them with the centre of the political spectrum.

Yet, we are now seeing the Liberals move Canada towards full-blown socialism:

The Liberals are moving from measures that were good and important – providing people money when the economy temporarily collapsed due to CCP Virus – to something that is dangerous, providing a massive disincentive against work.

Ironically, the CCP Virus crisis has showed that a basic income is great as an emergency measure, but dangerous long-term.

When the economy collapsed initially, providing money to people was smart and necessary. It prevented a total collapse in consumption, helped people who were in trouble through no fault of their own, and provided a bridge from the crisis back towards the normal functioning of the economy.

Yet, it also led to what many had warned about regarding a basic income: Many people won’t want to work.

I have previously been a supporter of the idea of a basic income, yet the risks clearly outweigh the gains when it comes to a permanent measure. Businesses have had a lot of trouble getting people to come back to work, because some can earn more, or nearly as much, without working.

If that became permanent, it would be disastrous.

In fact, we would be moving towards full-blown socialism.

Making all of this worse is that the Liberals are simultaneously pushing for a ‘green recovery,’ which means crippling our energy sector, damaging manufacturing, and making the cost of living more expensive.

So, the Liberals are going to simultaneously give out a bunch of money – at the expense of working class and middle class Canadians – to provide a disincentive to work, while making everything more expensive, driving up the cost of energy, destroying good jobs, and making Canada more dependent on foreign products.

That is an absolute disaster, and all Canadians should be afraid of the consequences of this.

Spencer Fernando

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Without a real Government, especially without a functional Parliament now, how can they? Because this is an unlawful, illegal government not Canadian. we have let this all go on for years and it is happening around the world

Major Tom

“Socialism…….is Communism with lipstick……..”

Chris Cannon

NO! NOT IN OUR CANADA, HOME OF THE FREE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? If this is not enough for people to stand up and YELL NO!!!! I do not know what is but I will take a FREE DONALD TRUMP ran USA ANYDAY over a SOCIALIST CANADA RAN BY A CORRUPT CRIMINAL CABAL

Brian Dougan

The government game plan….Universal Basic Income + higher taxes: End result= Significantly fewer jobs; unproductive, lazy people. Productive people and companies that have opportunity to leave–leave. What’s left? A shrinking pie–Not enough tax “revenue” coming into the government coffers. An angry populace demanding their “pay.” Finally; a ruined country. High flying politicians, and their wealthy pals send their money offshore, and leave behind the empty shell of a once prosperous country. That’s the Trudeau “legacy.” Father and “feminist” son. I hope that this madness soon ends–before it’s too late. As a great many Americans keep asking–“Too many Canadians are apathetic.… Read more »

al rose

Whats the point of comments , twice i have commented and twice they were rejected. i guess all you want people to do is gush over what you said but are not allowed any comments of their own thoughts on the subject at hand , why dont you put some guidelines down so people know what is allowed and what is not allowed , Nothing i said was offensive , no offensive language was used and all i did was agree with the subject at hand , So much for conservative free speech ,. I don’t see any comments here… Read more »


Same here. This is why I don’t comment on Spencer’s site anymore. Judging by the few comments these last few months, I would assume others have had enough of it too.

Guy-Paul Roy

Pierre Idiot’s favorite LEADER was Fidel Castro as he was a Dictator and a Communist. Pierre Idiot ran for the Communist party on the 50s. Our new fine Turd in the Punch Bowl has Xi Jing Ping Pong as his favorite LEADER. As he too, like his father, holds Dictators of Communist parties dear to his heart. # Worst PM EVER!!

Douglas Robilliard

stupid goof could not run a lemonade stand let alone this Country…..proof in the out come! just look at your wallet near the end of any day! empty, look at the social destruction this goof loves! a Dick tater! a loser a sleazy creep!

David Henley

It is a war that is going on right now. No bombs but within our politics. We have seen the liberals go full bore to instilling communist policies and most Canadians have never known the impact of such politics. If the media continues to support this they are complicit in the destruction of a free country. We have watched as conservative values have been trashed by conservative so called leaders (Ford for one). The leadership race in the federal area a risk since only one represents the conservative values ( Sloan). They talk about how much money but not the… Read more »

Moe S.

Delusional Trudeau has a knack for distorting reality. A new sign was recently erected in our city. Upon exiting the city, this huge letter sign reads, “Are You Hungry” including phone No. for the local Salvation Army. Drive to the local food banks, you will see very long line-ups every day of the week. Canadians are at a fork in the road. People need to get off the fence and disengage from this incompetent Prime Minister and say we will NOT co-operate. NO!

Rose Fox

While waxing poetic about their new giveaways to buy votes, the Liberals still haven’t got a peep to say about the people who actually need a basic income – those who can’t work at all due to illness, disability or age, and whose existing benefits are meager at best. People who weren’t given a dime when everyone else was getting lavish extra money for covid related expenses. People who suffered the most from the virus and related policies enacted by governments, but received the least compensation. Those groups will be in big trouble if the Liberals are allowed to continue… Read more »


The disincentive to work in the service industry is the forced wearing of masks, most of all. I’m a bartender, I’m lucky in the way my employer has laid out how we’re working so we don’t have to wear masks while we’re serving, just while out on the floor. However, I had many sleepless nights worrying about having to wear a mask for 9 hours. I know i’m not alone. Another disincentive is the fact that very few people are coming out to have a drink compared to before. The bar has cut their hours out of necessity, so there… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I am not sure that Canadians don’t want this. I agree most Boomer Liberals are centrist and too bad they haven’t realized party isn’t like it was in 90s. In both UK and Australia, their conservatives did worse than ours amongst millennials, but won unlike ours by winning big amongst traditional Labour supporters amongst boomers who felt party swung too far left. However, amongst millennials, it is downright scary how left wing a lot are and just how financially illiterate so many are. So amongst under 40, I am afraid majority are socialists and we will pay big time. A… Read more »