Jerry Dias – Head Of Union That Represents Thousands Of Establishment Media ‘Journalists’ – Is Facing New Charges

The media pretends to be ‘unbiased,’ but they are beholden to a union that campaigns against the Conservatives. Now, the head of that union faces new charges, and it is likely they will go to trial.

Jerry Dias and other Unifor members are facing new charges in relation to a dispute at the Co-op Refinery in early 2020.

The group was already facing charges of mischief, and now obstruction charges are being added and are expected to go to trial.

As reported by the Saskatchewan Leader Post, “Prosecutor Derek Davidson told the court the Crown is alleging a further range of charges stemming from the dispute, these for obstructing police. Court hasn’t yet heard what alleged actions specifically led to the charges. The Unifor members in question weren’t present in court but their lawyer, Thomas Hynes, appeared by phone on their behalf.”

Aside from these charges, Dias has been criticized by many Canadians for his anti-Conservative bias.

It’s a serious problem, since Unifor represents roughly 10,000 establishment media journalists.

Those journalists are part of a union that actively campaigned against the Conservative Party of Canada, making it even more clear that the establishment press cannot be trusted and that the supposedly ‘unbiased’ journalists are in fact totally biased and are activists, not journalists.

It’s why Canada needs Independent Media now more than ever before.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Marian Joudoin

Canadian taxpayers money flowing to Dias?? How much? For what? Promoting Corruption?!?


he and his cartel are as corrupt, diabolical and dangerous as trudeau and his puppet masters and sadly our tax dollars are making all of the above EXTREMELY RICH while we can barely afford to feed our families as we speak.
well I have to say this, no one can accuse canadians of ever being intelligent and needless to say when we are completely eradicated along with the former canada in the next year or so, NO ONE IS GOING TO EVEN NOTICE MUCH LESS CARE!


Dias has far more power than any tyrant, dictator or Liberal PM in the entire world. He can completely shut down the Canada with a single phone call. Unifor must be disbanded and broken up into various Unions. He controls hundreds of thousands of “brothers and sisters”from McD’s cashiers to the highest levels of Government and private industry workers and can have them stop work in a minute. Dias is very very dangerous. He has suspiciously close relationships with the Obama’s and Clintons.


Years ago we had a lot of independent unions. Some of them were even international across the border so when the Canadians workers were on strike money would be pouring in from USA to support Canadian workers.Then they formed this big union supposed to be Canadian for Canadian workers.All of that patriotic union become big BS.They become to political and not helping Canadian workers.Let us go back where we were once more unions more democracy.

Douglas Robilliard

This is an example of a complete Two Faced Liar, like his boss turd hole a Liar a cheat and nothing more than a pile of steaming dog doo with corn chunks!

alan skelhorne

and don,t forget what trudeau did to this guy, he gave them the 600million dollar cheque, and told mr, dias where to put the monies, terrifying isn,t it when a dictaor gives that money to a union big shot