Erin O’Toole Names Candice Bergen As Deputy Leader

Bergen has been one of the strongest voices slamming the Liberals in the House of Commons, and her appointment as Deputy Leader will be well-received by the party base.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has named Candice Bergen as Deputy Opposition Leader.

Bergen was formerly the House Leader, a position that will be filled by Quebec MP Gerard Deltell.

Richard Martel will be the new Quebec Lieutenant.

It is expected that O’Toole will appoint a full shadow cabinet next week.

The appointment of Bergen as Deputy Leader is a great move by O’Toole.

Bergen has been an incredibly strong communicator in the House of Commons, holding the Liberals accountable for the endless lies and corruption.

Bergen is very popular among the party base, and will also help the party reach out to new supporters.

And, being from Western Canada, Bergen helps represent a key aspect the Conservative coalition.

O’Toole is off to a good start in his leadership of the Conservative Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube