Erin O’Toole’s Pick Of Candice Bergen As Deputy Leader Is A Smart Move

Bergen is one of the best communicators in the Conservative Party.

Erin O’Toole’s decision to appoint Manitoba MP Candice Bergen as deputy leader is a wise move, continuing O’Toole’s strong start to his leadership of the Conservative Party.

Bergen is one of the best communicators in the Conservative Party, and clips of her eviscerating the Liberals in question period regularly go viral.

Bergen is able to combine righteous anger with salient political points in a combo that plays well on TV and online, and can play an attack role while O’Toole acts in a more unifying manner.

Additionally, as an MP from Manitoba, Bergen is trusted by many Western Conservatives and the party base.

For as much talk as there is about the need for the Conservatives to reach out, there is no path to victory without strong Western support, and Bergen can help solidify that support going forward.

Time will tell how the Conservatives play it, but if Bergen and Pierre Poilievre can be unleashed on the Liberals, they should generate a lot of clips and moments that help keep the focus on the corruption of the Trudeau government.

O’Toole’s appointment of Bergen follows his earlier moves, including doubling-down on his tough-on-China policies and defence of Canadian history, showing that he is so far staying true to what he campaigned on during the leadership race.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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