Trudeau’s Dangerous Radical Agenda Will Betray An Entire Generation Of Canadians

The Trudeau Liberals are preparing to simultaneously spend gigantic amounts of money, disincentivize work, and cripple the energy sector.

An entire generation of Canadians is about to be sacrificed at the altar of the ‘green agenda’ and Trudeau’s insane arrogance.

At a moment when Canadians are seeking a return to normalcy, the Liberals are doing the opposite.

They are planning to turn these temporary massive budget deficits brought about by the crisis into permanent massive deficits that explode our national debt like we never thought possible.

Simultaneously, they plan to cripple the energy sector, pursuing a ‘green agenda’ that will make everything more expensive.

And to cap it all off, they are likely to bring in policies that will be a massive disincentive for people to work.

As you are already thinking, this will be an absolute disaster.

It will be a betrayal of an entire generation of Canadians.

We are about to see low growth, gigantic spending, and rapidly accumulating debt.

The consequence will be that a generation of Canadians will face a crippled economy, shattered social programs, higher taxes, an obscene debt burden, and an evaporation of good jobs.

A total abomination.

This must be stopped.

We cannot let the Liberals destroy our economy and destroy the future of an entire generation of Canadians.

We must fight back.

We must retake our country.

The Liberals must be defeated in the next election. The future of our country depends on it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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What I want to know is HOW did ONE man,leading a MINORITY GOVERNMENT,get the ‘power’ that Trudeau seems to wield ?! ‘Dictatorship’ comes to mind,here. And we’re living under it NOW,with the full backing of HIS paid off ‘MSM,’

Eric Blair

The next election?? When are you thinking that might occur? If the answer is three and a half years hence then that is too late. The damage will have been done! If you are thinking in terms of Trudeau losing a non-confidence vote later this month then the next election will occur in about 2 months time. Let’s hope it occurs sooner than later.


he will call it the second he has the votes needed and since parliament has been shut down ( the ONLY WESTERN NATION WITH NO GOVERNMENT RUNNING AND THE ONLY WESTERN NATION WITH NO GOLD TO BACK US UP!!) he has been flying all over BUYING VOTES AND IMPORTING VOTES WHILE USING OUR MONEY FOR ALL AND TO HAND THE FREE LIFE TO THESE NEW VOTERS WHO WILL ALL BE ABLE TO VOTE NO I.D. OR CITIZENSHIP as he brought that into legislation over a year ago! FACT! CANADA IS DONE AND SO ARE WHAT IS LEFT OF WE ACTUAL… Read more »


With the lieberal paid media, the fixed lieberal debates, all the now extra paid lieberal government workers – read the articles-CRA hacked but not the first or second time but about 170 times employees selling or giving our records to their boyfriends or criminal gangs that some had especially wanted our Police men and women personal accounts etc. so do you trust Elections Canada, with all the foreign interference going on? Can we still have a secure truthful election? We must try harder to take Canada back. A lot of people were pretty fed up with the agenda parties last… Read more »

Major Tom

That late great Canadian, The Honorable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC, who chaired the United Nations’ 1993 Rio Summit, stated, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Strong was an Honorary Professor at Peking University………Do the math!


I think we should find jobs for these people within government because big government is the future.(sarc on)

Arie Intveld

This Trudeau/Freeland/Butts/Carney “green” recovery plan will become an actual crime against humanity.


you speak to the def as canadians clearly are content to sit at home collecting government cheques while those of us working will be hammered via taxation to pay for them all and for the trudeau cartel billionaire lifestyle.
canadians simply aren’t smart enough to understand much less care what is coming and has been since the day he took power.


Canazuela, here we come.