Dividing By Race: Trudeau Creates New Entrepreneurship Fund Only Available To Black Entrepreneurs

Creating programs based on racial groupings is the fastest way to increase division in the country.

In a democracy, all are supposed to be equal under the law.

That means two things.

First, any discrimination must be investigated and eliminated.

Second, programs must be aimed at helping all Canadians – as Canadians – not based on racial division.

Unfortunately, that is less and less the case.

And now, Justin Trudeau has announced a policy that furthers the idea of ‘race-based’ policies.

Trudeau is bringing in a program that will provide $93 million over four years for entrepreneurs.

However, it’s not available to all entrepreneurs.

If you’re White, Asian, from India, or Indigenous, you need not apply.

The program will only be available to Black entrepreneurs.

Now, the question is who will qualify as ‘Black.’

What percentage ‘Black’ does someone need to be?

Who decides if someone is ‘Black enough’ for the program?

As you can see, making up policies based on racial criteria is a bad idea.

If there is a concern that Black Canadians are not being fairly served by the banking system, the government has existing anti-discrimination legislation that makes it possible to launch an investigation to find out if that is the case.

That would be the wise course of action, rather than creating a new race-based program.

Trudeau is falling into the arrogant left-wing pattern of thinking that minority groups need to be coddled and babied, rather than simply treated the same as everyone else.

This will only further the division in the country, which is the last thing Canada needs.

What if there is a White, or Asian, or Indigenous entrepreneur who could use more support, but can’t get it because money is being given away based on racial criteria?

What about Black entrepreneurs who want to be respected and treated the same by the government, not given ‘extra’ or ‘special’ programs?

We are all supposed to be Canadians first and foremost, and that means our government programs need to be based on our status and value as Citizens, not dividing us up by race.

Spencer Fernando

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I agree that existing investigative tools should be used to combat any (and all) discriminatory practices no matter who that body is. Although how many other programs of the Gov’t (past and present) are equally discimatative, How many programs for Indigenous, how many based on Sex, ethnic background, how about those based upon having children, age, etc… Yet if you are an average White Male discrimination abounds, BTW I am not talking those W.M’s who are established, have money etc… but those who are the working poor, barely making ends meet, who don’t get all of the Tax breaks, who… Read more »


F this F’ing F

Moe S.

To ALL applicants, a photo of proof is a prerequisite on the application, so the government can determine your ‘blackness.’ Black & White photo’s can NOT be submitted by an applicant. Colored photo’s ONLY.

I Daven

Perhaps Canada needs to adopt the American “One Drop Rule”. You can pass for a “White” person in looks, but if you have one drop of Black blood in you, you qualify to be a Black person.


This is RACIST. How is it possible that Trudeau can arbitrarily be making any such decisions? Parliament is shut down and this must be reviewed in Parliament. This is not a dictatorship, no matter what Trudeau thinks. My God we need to cleanse Canada of such arrogance and narcissism.

I Daven

Trudeau wants to win as many votes as possible just in case an election is coming soon. He’s throwing our tax dollars away in all directions to try to secure more votes for the Liberals.


Yes lets keep victimizing groups of people, then letting on that they are the only ones that will protect you. Back to daddy Trudeau in the1960’s and in Toronto the good, not being racist just the facts and truth, this is when most of the Black Caribbean people were really arriving here in Canada and of course many of them needed social assistance until they found work, but many then were given grants to start businesses as well and in 1967 the big Caribbean yearly Parade and Party started. We all were invited and went it was a very big… Read more »

Ron Shaw

So if I put on black face like Justin Trudeau did , would I get a business loan ?
Just asking !

Patrick Mothersill

I don’t care who you are, but this is racist. If the program colour requirements were reversed everyone would say it’s racist.

Allan Wood

It has been put out there pretty much on the extreme socialist agenda (massive spending) that will be given on the throne speech this month. I imagine much of it will be similar to this discriminative policy.


Just like the summer jobs… anti-abortionist, certain religions, anti – anything… need not apply..

Patrick Mothersill

Does anyone know the name of this program if I want to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission?


These politicians are using Canada as stepping stones to launch themselves into global organizations, they care nothing for this country or you and I. Do not let the liberals & the Establishment divide and conquer us.


Very excellent point, just look at Mark Carney, now they’re musing about installing him as Finance Minister !
Very BAD idea !


That’s one of the two things Trudeau excels at. The two being, dividing the country and spending money.

John Cox

The SoyBoy and his Lieberals will go down in history as the Great Dividers of the Canadian nation.

Derek Win

This idea is not new! Other programs existed that excluded whites, I know of one ambitious young man (white, of course) was turned down for small business start up funding, where the exact same business idea was instead funded to another ethnic group right before his eyes. They got the funding, he got the shaft. And you see it everywhere!

james isnor

We know for sure that this PM has appeared in Black Face at least 3 times. Is this just another harebrained scheme to loot more tax dollars for himself.

Jim Montag

It is vote buying plain and simple for the election he wants this fall to bury his WE scandal.

Jon Zuck

Trudeau prorogued parliament. “Prorogue” is another word for suspend, so at its most basic level, prorogation is the end of the parliamentary session in Canada.

So, how then is he doing all these spending bills and other things. Seems every day since he prorogued he’s on tv about some new thing he’s enacting.

Gary Pawson

Dividing by race? Hell, they have been doing that for decades! Ask yourself, why my aboriginal friend, (born & raised 2 blocks from me & we grew up together), can legally own a AR-15, but I CAN’T because I’m not an aboriginal, I’m only a native who was BORN HERE & who’s father, (WW II 39-45 etc.), & grandfather (WW I 16/18) both served in Canadian having been born here. Do I have the wrong coloured skin as it’s white? What’s the matter with having the most qualified person doing the job, regardless of “race, colour, gender or greed”? I… Read more »

gary Major

Does trudeau deliberately want to break Canada u UP? IMO! I’d say YES!


Next time you need a business loan, better get out the shoepolish.


Hmmm…I wonder if one who “identifies as black” qualifies one for a loan ?

Because I have white skin but claim I’m black, who is anyone to judge ?


Racism at its finest served on a silver platter from Mr. Potato head. How can we fight this and just make it available for anyone to apply. No color required!


Race baiting – left wing election platform for decades.

Rick Guyatt

Once again Turd-Dope doesn’t give two shits about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms….anyone, white, yellow, brown, red and all colours of the rainbow should apply, wait to be turned down then file a complaint against the Feds with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. No doubt Turd-Dope has already tried to stack the Commission members with Liberals but I’m not sure even PM “Mr. Slimeball of Canada” can do that.

Jamie Doe

Sounds to me like you missed the point. The point is that it has not been equal for black people due to a long history of systemic racism. Trudeau sought to do something so few would do. I’m sure he knew of the backlash he would get from ppl like you who really just don’t get it. Maybe if the schools actually taught about slavery and it’s far reaching impacts, we wouldn’t have people like you who can’t see how this is one tiny step to facilitate more equality.