Dividing By Race: Trudeau Creates New Entrepreneurship Fund Only Available To Black Entrepreneurs

Creating programs based on racial groupings is the fastest way to increase division in the country.

In a democracy, all are supposed to be equal under the law.

That means two things.

First, any discrimination must be investigated and eliminated.

Second, programs must be aimed at helping all Canadians – as Canadians – not based on racial division.

Unfortunately, that is less and less the case.

And now, Justin Trudeau has announced a policy that furthers the idea of ‘race-based’ policies.

Trudeau is bringing in a program that will provide $93 million over four years for entrepreneurs.

However, it’s not available to all entrepreneurs.

If you’re White, Asian, from India, or Indigenous, you need not apply.

The program will only be available to Black entrepreneurs.

Now, the question is who will qualify as ‘Black.’

What percentage ‘Black’ does someone need to be?

Who decides if someone is ‘Black enough’ for the program?

As you can see, making up policies based on racial criteria is a bad idea.

If there is a concern that Black Canadians are not being fairly served by the banking system, the government has existing anti-discrimination legislation that makes it possible to launch an investigation to find out if that is the case.

That would be the wise course of action, rather than creating a new race-based program.

Trudeau is falling into the arrogant left-wing pattern of thinking that minority groups need to be coddled and babied, rather than simply treated the same as everyone else.

This will only further the division in the country, which is the last thing Canada needs.

What if there is a White, or Asian, or Indigenous entrepreneur who could use more support, but can’t get it because money is being given away based on racial criteria?

What about Black entrepreneurs who want to be respected and treated the same by the government, not given ‘extra’ or ‘special’ programs?

We are all supposed to be Canadians first and foremost, and that means our government programs need to be based on our status and value as Citizens, not dividing us up by race.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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