WATCH: Huge Turnout For Integrity March In Ottawa

Law-abiding gun owners are pushing back against the Liberal gun-ban scheme that punishes law-abiding people while giving gangs and criminals a free pass.

Up to 5,000 people attended the Integrity March in Ottawa today, demanding integrity from a Liberal government that seems to entirely lack it.

The March comes as the Liberals are pushing ahead with their gun ban, a ban that will hurt law-abiding Canadians, while doing nothing to stop the flow of illegal guns across the border, and will continue to give gangs a free pass.

The vast majority of gun crime takes place in densely packed urban centres, where gangs shoot each other and shoot innocent people.

Meanwhile, law-abiding Canadian gun owners don’t commit gun crime, yet the corrupt politicians and corrupt media focus all their attention there, ignoring the real problem.

So, more and more people are waking up to this reality, pushing back against the lies of the Liberals and demanding a government that takes a fact-based approach to fighting crime, rather than demonizing Patriotic law-abiding people.

Below, you can see the strong turnout for the Integrity March, led by Rod Giltaca and Tracey Wilson of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, who have been doing great work standing up for the rights of all Canadians:

“5000+ Canadians descended on Ottawa to demand integrity from the Liberal government. Their ineffective and expensive gun ban is NOT a public safety measure. No Justin, Canadians don’t support it.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter