CORRUPT: Trudeau Liberals Give Foreign Billionaires Exemptions From Quarantine Rules

The entire system is corrupt. The elites hate you and your family. They think they can get away with anything.

We didn’t need any more evidence on how corrupt the system is.

We already know it.

But, there’s more evidence nonetheless.

While the Liberals are imposing restrictions on the rest of us, they are allowing foreign elites to enter the country:

“Outrageous. Liberal elitism strikes again as they grant billionaires exemptions from 14-day quarantine rules.

Have other elites been exempt? When can we expect a plan for family reunification?
@marcomendicino @FP_Champagne @BillBlair @PattyHajdu”

Conservative Immigration Critic Raquel Dancho put together a video on this Liberal hypocrisy:

“This story is outrageous. Republican Party mega donors were granted a special exemption to fly their private jet from the State of Wisconsin to Milton, Ontario and exempted from the 14-day quarantine.

The local police were called when residents were concerned an Americans were holding large meeting without masks or social distancing.

It’s one rule for the Liberal elites and their well-connected friends and another for the rest of us.

What do you think?”

The issue here isn’t whether the quarantine rules are reasonable or not.

The issue is that, if those rules are being applied to us, they should also be applied to foreign elites.

Treating non-Citizens worse than Citizens is a disgrace.

We have seen this arrogant elitism over and over again from the Liberals.

They hate you, they hate your family, and they see us as nothing more than a piggybank they can raid for their own selfish benefit.

They don’t work for us, they work for the elites, and everyday brings more and more evidence of that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Arie Intveld

“Membership has its privileges.” The antidote for Kung-Flu is money (or the off switch on your TV remote).

Richard Guyatt

Yep!! Right on Spencer. You could tell them that in front of thousands of people and they would just laugh it off like the POS they all are!.


Canada’s Crime Minister . . . wonder if the kickbacks have started yet and will a Trudope Foundation be in the cards . . . like Bill & Hillarious Klinton.