POLL: 78% Of Canadians Want Plan To Return To Balanced Budgets

Liberal talk of gigantic long-term deficits appears to have backfired, waking many Canadians up to the serious threat to our economy and national stability.

A new survey shows Canadians are far from embracing the apparent Liberal push towards massive deficits.

In fact, just the opposite, Canadians are growing more and more concerned about government spending levels.

According to an Ipsos poll conducted for Global News, 78% of Canadians say they want to see a plan to return to a balanced budget for them to consider voting for a political party.

Even among Liberal supporters, 71% say they want a plan to return to balanced budgets.

Interestingly, the poll also shows 57% of Canadians saying they are fine with Justin Trudeau having a ‘blank cheque’ to spend on dealing with the crisis.

Yet, 55% say the deficit is too big, up from 43% who said that months ago.

So how do we square all these seemingly contradictory results?

The truth seems to be that Canadians want the government to take decisive action to deal with the pandemic, but that their support for spending is a temporary response to the current crisis.

This is common-sense.

The crisis, and the economic collapse, necessitated a temporary surge in spending. But precisely because the spending surge was so large, and because the economy is slowly recovering, endless over-spending doesn’t make sense.

And note, how the Liberals faced a massive backlash when they tried to use the crisis to push a radical far-left ‘green agenda.’

They may still do so, but – at least rhetorically – they appear to be backtracking somewhat.

We’ll know more in the throne speech tomorrow.

This is a clear opening for the Conservatives.

If they can emphasize that they supported the temporary measures to respond to the crisis, while presenting a reasonable plan to get back to a balanced budget mostly through economic growth, then many Canadians will be open to rejecting the Liberals endless deficit plans.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

How many want an end to tyranny and our freedoms back?


I want to see Trudeau and his entire entourage out, but if O’Tool wants to make headway, he and the Conservatives have to show that they are responsible. Their recent mass in person meeting and bragging about using testing that has not been sanctioned by Canadian health agency shows a blatant disregard to norms. In view of the fact that Erin and wife tested positive, this kind of behaviour does little to gain the confidence of the people. Shape up Conservatives, if you want to oust the Liberals.


Maybe some Canadians are just now noticing that all the debt that the lieberals have taken on, little was spent to help Canada in the last four years then this CCPvirus hit and even then the support given to Canadians did not come close to this 400 + billion deficit for part of this year so far and all the Provinces also have huge debts, especially Ontario from the PM Butts/Telford lieberal “green debt Plan” shutting us down almost, with the nation of Quebec doing really well financially with Canada’s help and top ups. Maybe this is sinking in, finally?

Guy-Paul Roy

We’All let MANY Peoples in as to enter at IRREGULAR Borders. What is their vote?
Perfect, Just Perfect.

Arie Intveld

Far too many Canadians want to both have their cake as well as eat it. They want their Gubberment to be stern but benevolent guardians through difficult times but they want someone, other than themselves, to pay the price for it.

“He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”- Benjamin Franklin


A return to “balanced budgets” ?
Didnt Tru-doh! say the budget would balance itself ?

Hows that working out ?

Garlet Farlett

78% eh, so I guess that 22% of Canadians are completely stupid.