Trudeau To Lie To The Nation On Wednesday Night

He is expected to speak about the recovery from the virus, and say many things that won’t match up with reality.

Justin Trudeau will address the nation on Wednesday evening, following the unveiling of the throne speech.

Trudeau’s remarks are expected to similar to the message in the throne speech, discussing the CCP Virus and the economic recovery.

Likely, Trudeau’s speech is about getting him to be the face of the throne speech message, because the actual throne speech will be delivered by Julie Payette, the unpopular and beleaguered governor general.

Of course, Trudeau’s speech will be full of lies, since that has been what Trudeau is all about since taking power.

Over and over and over again, Justin Trudeau has lied to the Canadian People, contributing to a rising distrust of government, rising division, and rising anger and tension in the nation.

We can expect more of the same tomorrow. No matter what nice words Trudeau says, his remarks cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Helmut Beintner

Reality is what he thinks, it helps to live in Lala Land to belive it.


The fool will have to be spoon fed his speech by his puppet masters as always. And the fool will obey. Shared.

Ana M Gomes

Looking forward to a new set of Trudesquian Lies. The old ones are making me sick
.I think I have grounds to compensation for damages caused by the very high blood pressure this Nobody Trugroper has caused me.
Anybody for class action? Am I the only one?


I’m totally with you for similar reasons.


A liar can never be trusted!

Major Tom

I’d rather sit through an autopsy than listen to that befuddled clown………


Very true and well said Spencer.


Sadly too many Canadians believe the lies and conspiracy theories they spout at us constantly, and believe the world is ending in, what is it now? 8 or 9 years, even if we all are forced to pay their big environment etc. taxes, and they are living like that is true too, so they find lieberal lies soothing.

Both the Block leader and the Conservative leader (after all their meetings?) both are in quarantine so will not be there for the “speeches” and the NDP will support the lieberals they said so the lies will be all OK again.

Brian Dougan

Trudeau To Lie To The Nation On Wednesday Night.” Lol. If only that headline appeared in large bold print–on every print MSM outlet.


Yes. If asked any questions, he will skate around the issue and answer with his usual “non answers”.

Guy-Paul Roy

The Unethical, Lying Two Faced Turd in the Punch Bowl, will be moving his Lips. Thus, he will be a Liar.

Bob Callwell

I have a very unfortunate prediction…………..Trudeau is going to offer the Sun the Moon and the Stars tomorrow, there will be enough gullible Canadians who will return him to a majority in the soon to be called election, only to find that after his re election he once again breaks all his promises, once again proving that many Canadian voters have never heard the ‘fool me once, fool me twice” tale


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twenty five times; I must be Canadian.

Arie Intveld

I’m busy Wednesday night; I have a sock drawer that needs organizing. BTW, don’t expect a non-confidence vote from this. All the globalists, from all parties, are in solidarity.


If I hear him say, “Diversity is our strength,” one more time, I’ll puke. He harps on systemic racism which is untrue & divides us and he instils fear with Covid numbers that we all know are fabricated. Sorry, I just watched his address to the country and he did it again. In fact, excellence and the pursuit of same, should be our strength and in the oil and gas sector excellence is our strength. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Singh has the money or the guts to help trigger an election. If he surprises us and the BLOC is onside… Read more »

André Roy

Corrupt deceitful anti Canadian Trudeau is at it again: dividing ( «  racializing ») the country & buying votes!!


Liar, at the very least. . You are correct. I’d rather hear the best rather than the worst