Trudeau To Lie To The Nation On Wednesday Night

He is expected to speak about the recovery from the virus, and say many things that won’t match up with reality.

Justin Trudeau will address the nation on Wednesday evening, following the unveiling of the throne speech.

Trudeau’s remarks are expected to similar to the message in the throne speech, discussing the CCP Virus and the economic recovery.

Likely, Trudeau’s speech is about getting him to be the face of the throne speech message, because the actual throne speech will be delivered by Julie Payette, the unpopular and beleaguered governor general.

Of course, Trudeau’s speech will be full of lies, since that has been what Trudeau is all about since taking power.

Over and over and over again, Justin Trudeau has lied to the Canadian People, contributing to a rising distrust of government, rising division, and rising anger and tension in the nation.

We can expect more of the same tomorrow. No matter what nice words Trudeau says, his remarks cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube