Bloc Leader Rips Throne Speech

Yves-Francois Blanchet says Liberals have not listened to the “legitimate demands of Quebec and the provinces.”

The Liberals are running out of supporters for their throne speech.

The Conservatives have already pledged to oppose it.

And now, the Bloc is slamming it.

Here’s what Bloc Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet said on Twitter (translated):

Ottawa n’a rien écouté des demandes urgentes et légitimes du Québec et des provinces qui, toutes, ont besoin qu’Ottawa respecte les compétences du gouvernement des Québécois et de ceux des provinces, d’abord en santé.

Ottawa has not listened to the urgent and legitimate demands of Quebec and the provinces, all of which need Ottawa to respect the jurisdiction of the government of Quebecers and those of the provinces, primarily in health.

If the Conservatives and Bloc vote against it, that leaves the Liberals dependent on the NDP.

While NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has criticized the speech (on the grounds of the Liberals not keeping promises), it remains to be seen what the NDP will do.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Maybe, but I doubt it, they will surprise us and not support the UN’s speech (sorry the G.G. speech written by the PMO after listening to Guteruses? UN speech, sorry I cannot remember spelling of his name, and Biden (Democrat) in the states is using these same sayings of these same things in his election campaign. If you ever wondered who is taking over the world there it is = communism with fake feminism. (Pres. Trumps pr-recorded speech was the only one I heard that was really good, thoughtful and had common use-able sense).


NDP will support Liberals if it wasn’t for the prime minister SINGH would never have a job.Karen Wang for the sacrificial lamb.