WATCH: Trudeau Now Scapegoating “Older Generations” As His Socialist Policies Cripple Canada’s Economy

Like all socialists, Trudeau refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of his economic illiteracy and instead blames others.

We’ve long noticed how the more Justin Trudeau fails, the more power he demands.

Fundamentally, Trudeau is a socialist, and socialists will always blame others for the failure of their own policies.

And now, with our economy increasingly crippled because of Trudeau’s economic illiteracy and lust for power, he’s scapegoating “older generations.”

“This clip is unbelievable. Trudeau basically admits he is punishing “older generations” because now their money is working for them, instead of the kids today who have to work hard for it. How did he think the older generations got their money? They had to work hard. He’s insane.”

Here’s the thing:

Trudeau will keep moving from group to group to divert blame from himself. 

He’ll blame anyone and everyone.

But nothing he says will change the underlying reality:

As long as Trudeau remains in power, Canada will be trapped in the grip of failed socialist policies that rob us of our prosperity and potential as a nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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