56,296 Canadian Businesses Closed In June

The vast majority of previously closed businesses remain shuttered.

According to Stats Canada, 56,296 businesses closed in June, as the economic damage from the CCP Virus Lockdowns continues to spread.

The number of businesses closures was down slightly (5.6%) from May.

However, the number of business closures is still far above normal, with the amount of shuttered businesses up 44% compared to February of 2020.

At the same time, 52,723 businesses opened in June, up 1/3rd from May.

However, the long-term problem is far worse.

Out of all the business that were shuttered in March and April, just 20% have re-opened.

And this year, Canada has lost about 14.1% of all active businesses.

This shows the damage the virus has caused to our economy, and is also evidence that – despite gigantic government spending – support for Canadian businesses hasn’t gotten to those who need it.

This also shows the danger of further lockdowns. The destruction of businesses can lead to suicides, poverty, and declining health, all of which will cause death as well.

For example, fentanyl overdoses are increasing, and more people have died of overdoses in Alberta than have died of the CCP Virus this year.

At some point, Canada must come to the realization that families, communities, and individuals are now well aware of what we need to do to stay safe, and that personal responsibility – rather than more government shutdowns – is how we need to get through this.

Spencer Fernando