After Huge Backlash, Ontario Government Cancels Insane Move To Fly Chinese Communist Flag

How was this even considered to begin with?

The Ontario government has reversed a planned flag raising that would have taken place on Wednesday.

They were planning to fly the flag of Communist China, coinciding with China’s ‘national day.’

The insane plan caused a massive backlash, with Canadians noting how crazy it is to fly the flag of a foreign country on a Canadian government building, particularly the flag of a country that has kidnapped Canadians.

Pathetically, even in announcing the cancellation of the flag raising, the Ontario Legislature tried casting it as a health move:

“In light of the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the recommendations by Public Health authorities to be more vigilant than ever, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario has decided to cancel all flag-raising ceremonies until further notice.”

Conservative MP Michael Chong had earlier slammed the decision to fly the Chinese flag:

“I don’t think any order of government in Canada should be flying the flag of the People’s Republic of China while two Canadian citizens are wrongfully imprisoned in China. When governments fly a foreign flag it sends a certain signal,” said Chong.

The reversal is a good move, but this never should have even been considered. The fact that it was, speaks to a dangerous level of weakness and supplication within our country:

“China doesn’t fly the flag of Canada on July 1st, so why would we fly China’s flag on any Canadian government building? What kind of weak, supplicant attitude is that? It should never have even been considered. This kind of weak attitude is a serious problem in our country.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Considering this current government….I’m still waiting to see armed Red Chinese troops on our streets…..Perhaps that is why Trudeau is in such a hurry to disarm us!

Moe S.

Article by George Wood from BIV “China is Paving it’s Belt & Road to British Columbia.” A 470,000 sq. foot “warehouse & trade center.” located between Vancouver Inter. airport & the U.S. border. It looks like a military complex?


Thank you Spencer for this information, I am embarrassed and feel very uninformed to say this is the first time I have read about this, and I read several news sights daily, and have never seen this in any articles as it should have been. How sickening is that, how fake is our mainstream news media? Was this blocked in Ontario? I have been watching Ontario’s now questionable government as it seemed more and more like it has been doing as the french country next door to us are actually running us, as more and more things and money are… Read more »

Joan Thomson

Fordis walking a shirt plank & he’s a big dissappointment

Fred Abeysundera

I can’t believe that the members of the provincial legislature would make such a foolish decision. Who first made this proposal and who among them supported it? We need to shine a light on politicians who commit such serious errors.

Douglas Robilliard

Well then, why is there a row of ccp flag flying in Surrey BC in front of a new huge facility being built to promote “trade” with china???? what the hell or who the hell thought a row of communist flags being proudly pushed in the face of BC’s public!!!! so wrong on so many levels!!!! weak is not the word, TREASON comes to mind!


We have so many problems caused in Canada but maybe an article like this one shows who is actually pushing these type of problems:

I could not believe the “truth” in this article from the left Washington Post and the Trudeau’s both take down of Canada, This is a Spencer style article.

james isnor

Follow the yuan

Alamrin semog

It’s irrelevant if China is holding two Canadians. Why in the world would ANY country fly the flag of another country on a government building??? We have an lunatic running this country. Put HIM on a slow boat to China WITH the Chinese flag.