Raising Flag Of Foreign Countries Reveals Dangerous Attitude Of Weakness Within Canada

‘Canadian niceness’ is becoming pathological weakness.

Many people tend to think that ‘being nice’ is a good thing.

Yet, niceness can become pathological, and it often springs from weakness.

For example, someone who is very physically weak and surrounded by physically strong people will tend to be extra nice, not because of their character, but because it’s their only choice.

Some people also go from being nice to being just walked all over by everyone, getting taken advantage of over and over and over again.

Unfortunately, that seems to be an attitude that is growing within Canada.

You can see it in many ways, from our endless foreign aid announcements, our weak and underfunded military, our inability to adequately defend our own territory, our mistreatment at the hands of foreign nations (particularly China), the contempt with which other world leaders view our ‘leadership,’ and our inability to defend our own resource sector.

And we can also see it in things like the flag raising that almost took place at the Ontario legislature.

The legislature was planning to raise the flag of Communist China, until a public backlash caused them to cancel the move.

Yet, the fact that it was even considered, and the fact that the Chinese flag and other foreign flags have been raised across our country, is a huge problem.

The attitude of ‘niceness’ within Canada has transformed into weakness, and other countries feel they can walk all over us.

Consider China.

After all they have done to our country, threatening us, kidnapping our citizens, destroying Nortel (using stolen info to build Huawei into a massive company), flooding our country with Fentanyl that kills thousands, spreading the CCP Virus, and more, our country refuses to push back.

We haven’t slashed our dependence on foreign students from China, we haven’t enacted foreign homebuyer bans to stop Chinese billionaires from making Canadian cities unaffordable for our own citizens, we haven’t banned Huawei, we haven’t restricted investment from China, we haven’t sanctioned top officials, we haven’t put in new tariffs, and we haven’t strengthened our military.

We have done virtually nothing.

This shows weakness, and the fact that Canadian politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh get away with such weakness shows many people are completely locked into the idea that Canada can only ever be a passive observer as other nations walk all over us.

The antidote to this of course is to become a stronger nation. And that requires remembering our history. Our ancestors fought and died in WW1 and WW2 to ensure that we could be free. They faced down fear and violence and death, and overcame it all.

And for the many people who immigrated to Canada, their own ancestors also had a history of strength and perseverance to build their original countries and civilizations. They wouldn’t want their descendants to be weak and subservient.

Rather than embracing weakness – which can only end badly – we must re-embrace our original strength and history to protect our country and ensure it survives long into the future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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