LIES: While Liberals Block Investigations, Trudeau Falsely Claims He’s Been “Open And Transparent”

Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe this.

The Liberals shut down Parliament for a month.

They voted against investigations.

They voted to limit investigations.

They voted to shut down investigations.

They refused to disclose documents.

They attacked those who asked questions.

They lied repeatedly.

They changed their story multiple times.

Yet, after all of this, they are now trying to claim they’ve been “open and transparent.”

That’s the phrase Trudeau used speaking about the WE Charity Scandal during a press conference in which he attacked the Conservatives for wanting investigations:

“Trudeau says his government has been “open and transparent” in the WE Charity investigation.

He’s lying, by the way.”

Apparently, “open and transparent” means something else to Trudeau.

As you know very well, the idea that Trudeau is “focused on Canadians” is absurd.

He shut down Parliament for a month in an obvious effort to shut down investigations and stem the momentum of rising outrage against the Liberals corrupt attitude and actions.

Then, when Parliament returned, the Liberals shut down debate on new legislation, absurdly claiming it had to be done to get support out ‘quickly,’ despite the delay being due to them having shut down Parliament.

At this point, calling Trudeau a hypocrite doesn’t even seems sufficient. His arrogance continues to grow unchecked, and he’s only getting worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Major Tom

Trudeau lies because he is in service to the father of all lies….’nuff said….

james isnor

How in the world did Canada get to this place. This PM obviously has no morals or conscience. Does he not realize what a mess he has made of the country he claims to love. Its like he could care less as long as he and his incompetent minions can live on our nickel and loot the place at the same time. I say the next shoe to drop will be the Trudeau Foundation. BUMS

Linda Lines

If he is so transparent why hasn’t made his plans about building isolation camps across Canada. Here’s a newspaper article:


For having a minority government he sure is given the liberties of a majority government and that of a tyrannical King. Why is the opposition so powerless? Where is the rule of law?