NDP Backs Liberal Corruption, Will Oppose Creation Of Anti-Corruption Committee

The pathetic incompetence of Jagmeet Singh continues to enable Trudeau’s flaying of Canadian democracy.

In a move that won’t surprise many people, the NDP is making it clear that they will vote with the Liberals in favour of hiding corruption.

As a result, it is likely that the Conservative motion backed by the Bloc to create an anti-corruption committee will be defeated, thus enabling the Liberals to continue their corruption and emboldening even more corruption.

Hilariously, Singh tried to cast his abject surrender to the Liberals as a move to hold the Liberals ‘accountable.’

This latest surrender by Singh is another disgrace for the NDP leader, who continues to demonstrate total incompetence, weakness, and has been such a bad leader that his failure is allowing Justin Trudeau to turn Canada’s democracy into an absolute joke.

On Twitter, Roberto Wakerell-Cruz summed things up well:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter