NDP Backs Liberal Corruption, Will Oppose Creation Of Anti-Corruption Committee

The pathetic incompetence of Jagmeet Singh continues to enable Trudeau’s flaying of Canadian democracy.

In a move that won’t surprise many people, the NDP is making it clear that they will vote with the Liberals in favour of hiding corruption.

As a result, it is likely that the Conservative motion backed by the Bloc to create an anti-corruption committee will be defeated, thus enabling the Liberals to continue their corruption and emboldening even more corruption.

Hilariously, Singh tried to cast his abject surrender to the Liberals as a move to hold the Liberals ‘accountable.’

This latest surrender by Singh is another disgrace for the NDP leader, who continues to demonstrate total incompetence, weakness, and has been such a bad leader that his failure is allowing Justin Trudeau to turn Canada’s democracy into an absolute joke.

On Twitter, Roberto Wakerell-Cruz summed things up well:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This is unreal, I do not think any of the political parties want an election. It looks more and more like our whole system of politics needs to be revamped somehow but maybe the UN has already taken over and this whole scam is being hidden, until the take down of the USA. We all know how corrupted their left is and they put our corrupted lie-berals n power here. Just waiting for the USA election results.

Guy-Paul Roy

Jagmeet has never had it so good and he never will again.
The North voted in Jagmeet as a protest vote and They All may never Vote again.


He didnt say that he was against the new committee being created. So… he is saying yes…by omissions?
I bet if the Bloc and CPC went after NDP and Singh for extortion from the PM to get what they want… Trudeau would throw Singh under the Bus!


The NDP marxists & commie luvin Justin are Fellow Travellers . . . 3 more years of this insanity and Canada is DONE ! ! !

Saturday the folks in BC are voting for the 3rd NDP Depression . . . every 20 years they lose their minds and vote for Failure, High Taxes & Economic Hardship.
Cdn Voters unfortunately are some of the Dumbest on the Planet . . .