Damage Control: Trudeau & Macron To Speak As PM Tries Reversing Backlash

Trudeau’s initial comments showed his true thoughts on free speech. As people realized that, and there was a backlash, Trudeau is now trying to rewrite history and undo the damage.

We have been watching a sustained backlash against Justin Trudeau for his initial comments on free speech following Islamist terror attacks in France.

Trudeau said “free expression has limits,” and seemingly compared cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed to yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre.

Trudeau’s failure to defend free speech led to a clear backlash, forcing him on the defensive.

He watched as French President Emmanuel Macron reached out to Quebec Premier Francois Legault to thank him for his defence of free speech, with the lack of contact with Trudeau a clear message in itself.

Trudeau has been trying to undo the damage, claiming in a later discussion with a reporter that he does not condemn cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed, while saying that free expression and artists are important to society.

And now, he is scheduled to speak to French President Emmanuel Macron today, a week after the Islamist attack in Nice.

The issue here is that regardless of the damage control he tries doing, we can see that Trudeau’s initial remarks were what he actually believed, just as his comments on admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ was what he actually believes then.

He can try to do all the spin he wants, but Canadians have seen loud and clear what he really thinks about free speech.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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To hell with Justin Trudeau . WORST political mistake Canada has EVER made – BAR NONE.

Michael McCallionSr

Common Sense Evaluation; Ditto for Canada- Thank You for diligence and forwarding American – Freedom of Speech proponents – who recognize BLM & Antifa are both tools in preventing – Open Conversation and Unindoctrinated Education of children. _ I add my experience. – France President Macron thanks the Premier of the Nation du Quebec for supporting — Freedom of Speech — Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still on a course to establish His preferred type of Goverenment_ Communist China Party still not for Freedom of Speech as a base of Sovereign Ordinary Average Person(s). __ The most valuable legacy of… Read more »


There goes our “Foot in Mouth” Pm again….he is so arrogant he doesn’t even care initially that people should have the right to free speech.