VIDEO: While Politicians Travel The World On The Taxpayers Dime, Police Acting On Political Orders Raid Home Where Family Was Gathered

The Orwellian police-state environment we find ourselves in is the latest thing the corrupt politicians have exempted themselves from.

Remember how the politicians treated Adam Skelly?

Remember the arrogance they showed when they lectured him for trying to keep his business alive?

Remember how Toronto Mayor John Tory spoke about him?

And then, do you remember how John Tory spoke about hypocrite politician Rod Phillips, who went on a Caribbean vacation while pretending he was still in Canada after pushing lockdowns?

Tory gave Phillips a free pass, praised him, and dismissed his hypocrisy as a mere mistake.

Across the country, we are seeing that politicians in all parties have one set of rules for themselves (exempted from suffering during this crisis), and another set of rules for the rest of us.

They all seem to be on the ‘politician team,’ in opposition to the rest of us.

And now, the Orwellian aspect of this is no longer subtle.

Consider the video below, of police – acting on orders from politicians – raiding a home in Gatineau, Quebec:

So, someone acted like a good little dog and did the bidding of their corrupt political masters, calling the cops on family members for gathering, and the police went in and ripped people apart.

Meanwhile, politicians are travelling the world on our taxpayer dime, trying to hide it, and then coming back home and expecting to face zero repercussions.

Those same politicians are either openly in support of lockdowns, or refuse to denounce lockdowns, meaning they are complicit in the restrictions placed on the rest of us, while flying out of the country to exempt themselves from what is happening here at home.

At this point, how the hell can we call Canada a ‘free country’ anymore?

““If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

Absolutely horrifying to watch after reading 1984.

Until I saw this, I could not imagine neighbors reporting each other to the police for… congregating.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Bryan Smith



Time to fight guys. His is so wrong…


Jesus Christ. Honestly cannot believe this.


There is also a clear and deliberate oppression of Christianity. No Temples or Mosques ever mentioned in the news in spite of massive wedding celebrations, but a dozen Christians gather, all properly masked and distanced, and the wrath of the elitist politicians is thrown at them. This is completely ignored right from the top. You, Justin. Yes, you. It ALL starts from you. It is perfectly fine for illegal News Years drunks to block city streets, protected by the cops, but don’t anyone DARE to have a family gettogether. For the time being, this is a democratic Nation, not a… Read more »


Disgusting Gestapo.


I can see neighbors calling in each other, the governments whether Federal Provincial or Municipal all have put the fear of life and death into most of society over Covid 19. Those that are more practical and come to the realization that Covid 19 deaths majority are of the elderly or those that are immune compromised are just conspiracy mongers and are super spreaders. So those that are believers of the governments line will call in those that do not toe the line.

james isnor

Quite sure there is some REAL crime out there somewhere. Its pretty easy to cherry pick the Covid 1984 perps, even better when they are in their own home. Not a police hater but I have been seeing a lot of the nasty work they have been doing during the plannedemic. Pretty tough characters to deal with if you are a taxpayer confused by the federal and local government gong show Covid 1984 policy, spotty information and general failure. The crime in my town has skyrocketed since the NDP took over the Province. No pepper spray, handcuffs, fines or arrests… Read more »

shawn harris

This open assault on our rights and freedoms is proof of what Trudeau says when he talks about equality for everyone. And to quote Trudeau, he once said, “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”, except only when it comes to whether or not you belong to the exempt class of Canadians, known as the elites and politicians.


Are we all just going to continue along with this? Watching the country collapse financially, along with the rest of the world, and as planned they say next year there will be a food shortage starting too as the UN and WHO have been saying especially in the South American news???? The EU has finally realized that China has taken it over from them, but still working on Brazil. Anyone still watching the now China/Russia run Venezuela the owned police there now are killing more citizens and committing more crimes and torture than the locked down general population there and… Read more »

Sandra Bernicki

It is so sad to see society becoming a “communist style big state”, neighbours reporting on each other, police dictatorship, corrupt governments destroying lives. When there are safe medications, proven effective for successfully treating COVID, that are censored by “big pharma, dictatorship governments, and main stream media propaganda”. This new world “reset” is evil & corrupt to the core. The “hell” this family went through is proof of that !!

Tim Peterson

This is canada wow can’t wait for Alberta to leave this communist country.

very old white guy

I have one question as part of a comment. WHEN ARE CANADIANS GOING TO STAND UP AND SAY NO, WE WILL NO LONGER COMPLY? The whu who flu is not decimating the population of Canada and death stats are the same year to year. We are being lied to and the media keeps pushing a false narrative. It is indeed a virus but it is no more deadly than a seasonal flu. masks cannot stop a virus, social distancing cannot stop a virus, lockdowns cannot stop a virus. These so called medical experts need to go back to school. and… Read more »


Canada is finished, for we now live in a totalitarian state and this is a practice run for what is to come. The installation of a technocratic fascist state run by the Party(s) of the Privileged. Our politicians have sold us out for that proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

Guy-Paul Roy

Mandatory minimum sentences for corrupt Politicians. The Turd in the Punch Bowl has just made it worse.


When are the Dumb Canooks going to wake up ? ? ? The Plandemic is less dangerous than the Seasonal Flu to the vast majority of Canadians . . . but your worthless Politicians have gone all “Fascist” on the population because you have let them. They have lied to you about the PCR Tests that are a fraud . . . They have lied to you about “Cases” as a result of that test . . . The FakeStream Media never tells you how many of the “Cases” actually get sick or go to the Hospital. Why? Because that… Read more »

John Cox

This is what Trudeau and his fascist/communist political allies have turned this country into. These corrupt cops loved very minute of this, if they didn’t and saying they were just doing their job, the same as the excuse use in the Nuremberg trails and coming of the lips of millions of German soldier and citizens

Scot Fyfe

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing Spencer. I read you all the time. And keep on speaking in bold colors. Either people wake up or they accept the jackboot on their neck.

bob fry

Germany 1933 Gestapo breaking down doors, I counted 5 or 6 police and a police dog that is pretty brave of Gestapo. Canadians wait up were losing our freedoms and their using the Pandemic as a excuse to raid a home on Xmas withy six people. The nosey neighbor needs to be punished.


Illegal seizure and detainment, unlawful attack on people in their own home,these Cops should loose their badges, as well as their pension!!!!

Beverley Campbell

iI really do think it is appalling that Politicians cannot see that they are subject to the same rules that are dictated to the ordinary citizen, it would seem that they see themselves as “special” and for them to do that during a global pandemic tells you more than you need to know, out with them, no exceptions.

Ed Devlin

Its only a matter of time until a citizen is killed in a covid raid.