We Need To Stop Putting Our Faith In Politicians To Be Our ‘Saviours’

This crisis has shown far too many politicians are power hungry authoritarians, who care only for their own dominance and control over our lives, and hold us to a standard they can’t even come close to reaching themselves.

Events in both Canada and the United States have shown the peril in putting our faith in politicians.

In the US, Donald Trump – who has reportedly said behind the scenes that he knows he lost the election – pushed many of his supporters, supporters who have total faith in him, to march on the US Capitol, resulting in the chaotic scenes we witnessed today.

That wouldn’t have been possible if not for the sense many people have that Trump is some type of political saviour. Notably, despite claiming he would march with protesters, Trump instead stayed in his heavily-reinforced motorcade.

Here in Canada, many people have shown themselves to be shockingly willing to see our ‘leaders’ as saviours, as we watch our freedoms eroded more and more and more behind the excuse of the ‘crisis.’

Politicians went from telling us “15 days to the slow the spread,” to now threatening jail time for ‘violators,’ and pushing for curfews.

Think about that for a moment.

In a supposedly ‘free country,’ this shouldn’t even be possible. We have politicians – who have proven themselves to be hypocrites by flying outside of the country while telling us to lock down/defending their hypocritical colleagues while condemning the rest of us – continually grabbing for more and more power.

That wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for many people who trusted politicians and believed they were doing the right thing.

Sadly, those in power have proven both unworthy of trust, and incapable of recognizing the limits that should be on their power.

“We went from ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ to politicians considering – & in 1 province already imposing – curfews, telling you when you can go outside under threat of massive fines. These people aren’t public servants, they’re power-hungry authoritarians who see their opening.”


As I noted on Twitter, and something which resonated with many people, is that we need to set aside this idea of waiting for politicians to be our ‘saviours’:

“Trump is not your saviour. Trudeau is not your saviour. Erin O’Toole is not your saviour. We can’t keep putting so much power in the hands of a few politicians and hoping they will ‘fix it all.’ We need to make our own communities far stronger and decentralize power.”


For far too long, power has been being steadily concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We see this in politics, with the size and power of the federal government rising, and we see it in how global mega corporations are decimating small businesses – with the help of politicians in that decimation.

We must push back, with an agenda of decentralizing power, restoring power and authority to our local communities, individuals, and families.

If we continue putting our faith in politicians to ‘fix it all,’ we will only end up disappointed and powerless.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


As they impose rules on us that they ignore themselves, we must hold these hypocritical public officials accountable. If you want to support my Independent writing, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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It’s time Spencer , to hear the gospel , the 2 beasts are here now


Again, we need leaders that are with us and for us, protecting our own people and our Canada. Not the slimy controlling super rich, false elections to put their puppets to take our power for themselves, from all around the world pushing us around and taking our freedom and money away. If we continue to let them take our rights and law and order and prosperity away, then it will be too late, and it probably is now that China’s paid puppet Joe is falsely almost in power in the USA as their congress rejects the voters and is taking… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Spencer?? Why would you run the world?? Or apply to try??
They are hiding on the floors of the White House.
Narcissistic Multi Millionaires that CAN NOT/DO NOT…. find their OWN Tail end.
Grand Ma said,,,, They do NOT know weather their Tail End is Punched or Bored OR.. Democracy rules?? Ya.All must tune un.

very old white guy

Trump didn’t lose the election it was stolen by fraud and the people much Canadians are more than willing to accept lies and fraud. We see it everyday with the insanity of the whu who flu, with the election of inferior intellects and the running of the country which has morphed into a third world tyranny.


Is there an echo out there?
Braindead if you hadn’t realized this years ago.
Get off your lazy arses and do it your self!!!

Garlet Farlett

Trust me Spencer, I’ve NEVER thought of ANY politician as “my saviour”.

David Henley

If you haven’t already guessed, we are not in a free society now. The people have the right to hold these politicians accountable. They don’t, far to many just go along and have stopped thinking. We the people hold power in a free society until we give that freedom up. Our way of life is about to be over run by politicians that think they own every aspect lives. We worked hard to build this nation, fought wars to protect it and now we freely give it up. We some will continue to protect this country from this corrupt government.… Read more »

pamela kingwell

I agree with you, Spencer!

Bud Mannoly

I have absolutely no faith in any politician who puts convicts ahead of the lives of veterans and seniors. Prisoners have shown they have no concern for lives or properties of citizens. They do not deserve to be put ahead of those who have fought for our country or those who have spent their entire life working for the betterment of society. There rights should have been parked at the prison door.


Tr;ump didn’t lose the election. He won in a landslide. The deepstate stole it from him. Sheesh what a disappointment this article is. Have seen so much proof of irregularities. Too bad their justice system is so corrupt that they couldn’t be bothered to see it.


And how exactly would you like us to do that, Mr. Fernando? What’s my first task as a private citizen to make this decentralization happen?