Adam Vaughan’s Divisive Tweets Are The Last Thing Canada Needs From An MP Right Now

We all have an opportunity to step back from the brink and make politics about ideas again.

As many Canadians watch events unfolding in the United States, people across the political spectrum are considering the role we have played in raising tensions and divisions, and how we can bring politics back to a somewhat more reasonable and grounded debate over ideas.

However, Liberal MP Adam Vaughan has been putting out some divisive rhetoric lately, leading to criticism from many people.

In particular, Vaughan Tweeted, and then deleted, the following Tweet:


As you can imagine, this Tweet didn’t go over well, with people wondering why Vaughan targeted a religious faith:

“Why did you think its ok the drag a religion through the mud? Would you have dragged the Muslim or Jewish faith through the mud in such a way??
Don’t worry bud I am sure the emails sent to the ethics commission office will be ignored.”

Vaughan was also previously criticized for a Tweet that was seen as condescending towards Canadians struggling with a higher cost of living due to the carbon tax:

“I guess you can pay less if you change your consumption patterns… which in turn would reduce greenhouse gas emissions…”

It might be easy for Vaughan – a well-paid MP – to afford a higher cost of living, but most Canadians cannot.

Those kind of Tweets from Vaughan are the last thing Canada needs from MPs right now.

People across the political spectrum – and I include myself in this – have contributed to what is an increasingly divided political landscape in Canada.

And as we watch the consequences of division in the US, we all have a chance to step back from the brink and try to move things in a better direction, a direction where elections are fought over ideas for the country, not a contest of who can generate the most outrage and make their opponents the most hated.

To see a contrast to Vaughan’s remarks, consider what Liberal MP Anthony Housefather Tweeted earlier:

“Watching @Twitter the level of vitriol in Canada and gotcha politics is rising on all sides. We do not want to go down the US path where two different realities exist and policy differences are buried in personal attacks. We are all human & err. Let’s try to tone it down.”

Instead of just trying to blame the Conservatives, Housefather acknowledged that people across the political spectrum played a role in raising divisions. Whatever past criticism Housefather has faced, Canada needs more of that kind of honesty if we are to stop our country from entering a downward spiral of political rage.

Now, Vaughan, and all of us, have a chance to move things in a better direction.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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